Turn On The Type Of Skin Care Mask Effectively Speed Speed Helps Skin Light Smooth, Pink

The general feature of this beauty method is easy to implement, takes less time, no side effects.0: 00/2: 20 nuoses have hundreds of hundreds of masks and how to care for dally. In which the most effective must include self-made skin mask packages. The overall feature of this beauty method is easy to implement, spending less time but also effectively helps skin smooth, stronger, toned. Deep nourishes of dance vitamin c and high citric acid in lemon juice capable Reduces wrinkles and do skin color

. In addition, these components also help lemon with oil control nature and suitable for all skin types. Essence from lemon has helped make skin bright but not to lose moisture, which is why this is a great skin care material for both men and women. Having a skin care effect
Honey-honey teaspoon with a tablespoon of lemon juice, adding 4-5 drops of olive oil and mixing thoroughly. - Clean face washing and apply mixes to face. After 15-20 minutes, to extract from lemon operate on the skin and wipe it with a wet towel and rinse the face. Mask of yogurt to small peanuts Mask yogurt is the perfect choice for skin, glimpse Pore, medium effects to clean skin. Let the skin have a reborn time. Art and yogurt masks and anti-inflammatory agents in turmeric will work, target pores and soothe the skin, improve their skin and goodbye to ugly acne . Yogurt is a lot of lactic acid products. Lactic acid is one of the key components in skin care products. Lactic acid helps to remove and moisturize dry skin, help white skin smoother. Make: -Recake 1 yogurt box, 5 teaspoons of turmeric powder and 2 tablespoons then put into plastic boxes, store refrigerators for use Gradually
- Wash your face clean, use a teaspoon to apply a thin layer to your face. Leave about 30 minutes then rinse with warm warm water. Clay masks clay mask good for the skin, especially oily skin. Clay has a deep cleaning and water storage to provide moisture for skin. Making: Mix clay or kaolin powder with distilled water, aloe vera, honey, an egg to make a solid mixture, Smooth. Applying a mixture on the face does not exceed 10 minutes and then rinse. To treat blackheads, acne or other acne spots, you should apply a mixture of clay powder and warm water, this way helps to increase sweat , Pulling the amount of oil and dirt on the skin is also released. Good and beautiful

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