Turning Mind (real Story)

On the day I would love to read, the socks were able to read that book. Must said it was very thirsty to have a certain story of her own without money to buy. I was read the letters from the top of the country Of the two German writers and Nguyen Tuan are very good. I am extremely admiring .

.. I wish later growing up I will write something 9: 00/4: 09 narrays illustrated by the selected author . I will try to learn well
In the afternoon, early rice at home, Mr. Huy came to pick up. I'm not sad but it's not happy ... There is any good condition. It turns out that the teachers choose a most classic lesson of 5 classes of 4 dots and choose. It is my commune I am 4A and you win in class 4C. Go to the teacher to welcome us by a bike, the road is 11 km , Win the whistle and a son must sit in the chassis, and I sit behind. Go to the intersection of Buoy Que Thay Bridge, I raise my hand to let the road unfortunately slipped the moment I was thrown out and my teacher and won her husband Up the car
I painted my pillow very pained to the ground torn a piece of pants with coin. Running me and asked me to hurt, but I said I didn't give me a lot of money. I went to the inn. Also dark. Uncle Ho's house for me to sleep with your uncle and a baby, also wins sleep with your son and a boyfriend of our age. At that time, rural areas, very few tiles. I am strange and don't sleep. Naturally listen to the neighbor's house (that way) screams: Fire the village! The voice of the other voice. Everyone wake up running out. Girls put the baby into my hand and tell the baby towel to run out ... the eastern night of the wind was rushed by the wind. Around the surrounding water sacks and The blanket covered on the roof of his house and had to stand on it to prevent the fire to the wind to fly ... Then the fire was also extinguished ... People started in the house and his uncle to help the house burned. The blanket is still wet to a pile. I still hugged the baby sleeping, giving me a baby to my uncle to go to the exam room. A first horrifying night in my life. About 300m, then go to the room. This knees fall yesterday And very pain, okay, I find my name. Call is good at literature but there are few girls too have four children right. Now a teacher and a teacher into the exam room. Name of the native number. Starting the Teacher's Examination: The whole room is put down to put their hands on the table to copy the ten strange words and tell them when she finished deleting me Pen written into the test. Although this is my duel, I'm still worried, forget the pain I learned and finished writing. The second was a short essay ... I was done and the time that my eyes could not control it Okay. I looked up at the gate saw the teacher waiting for us. I submitted the post and tell me to hear the fire. Wait to win, we sit like when I go. About my house on my house on the pulmonary swollen fever ... Too too long to leave school 5 days ... dreamy membrane once I listen to my uncle I said With my father: I was going to take the province where the last month.Thi woke up to my house, I just need to paddle to go to the shore to go to the street to go to the street. It is so black. Man, my uncle must carry from the classroom to go home. If you consider my number of sick holidays, I don't go to class but don't understand why I still get into the 5A class. Leaving the bombs in our school, I follow the school to the foot of the mountain ... also covered the rhythmic, the long days of learning about your teacher's blood ... Teacher in charge of our team loss With the year you are hit by the bomb, too much too much ... Commercial thing you just look into each other's eyes are sobbing for the whole month. That day teachers have to go to the tunnel. Fearful teachers die, should hear alarm guns As us run as a shot. The teachers at the time were like the mother chickens covering us the chicks to get today. I love teachers who decide to take the exam into pedagogy. The dream of becoming my writer has a lot of good reasons. Things are no one who wants. But what is it. Read your text a lot ... recall the lovely childhood days. This door closes another door open! This is true everywhere. According to the village of Nguyen Thi Kim Chi

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