Tuyen Quang: Successful Start-up Story From The Orchid Of Ta Thi Quyen

Trading in orchids is a road that is not easy because it requires a large amount of investment as well as a lot of time, effort to take care of plants. For teachers Ta Thi Quyen, it is more adventurous choice when she fully starts from zero. To get the result as today, she had to exchange sweat and eyes. 0: 00/5: 46 Southern Southern Storytellers Enhanced from the orchids of Ta Thi Quyen's orchid so far, have been the fourth year Ms. Quyen attaches to orchids

. With an area of 140m2, the original small orchid garden of the 8X owner provides common orchid varieties such as Phu Tho, Ho, Hong Yen Thuy, Hong Run, Hong Lau, Hong My Nhan, ..
after many efforts, now The garden also had luxury orchids like Snow White, Bao Duy. Prices of types of orchids in the garden range from several million dong to several hundred million VND / basket. Currently, Lan Ta Quyen Garden has attracted a large number of customers from all over the country. Ta Thi Quyen in the beautiful Diep Dieplanes, the orchids are not like other items. If normally, the exchange only stops at the purchase - sale process, for orchids business people, I have to follow the customers from the day of selling trees until the process of managing trees, irrigation Nutrition stars for efficiency, nursing, stimulating, stimulating flowers, treating plants. Every day, she still received many questions from customers. Although the work is busy but she always spends time to answer all the questions of the guests about planting and taking care of the tree. Ta Thi Quyen takes care of the spreads of Lan Quy Quy Ta Thi Quyen, want to create A sustainable LAN market, the previous people have to pass the lessons and knowledge about planting trees as well as business for the following people. Every day, she always instructed customers to take care of, how to irrigate, how to separate trees. For new customers who play spreads, they have not had much experience, so they need enthusiastic guidance from themselves
She did not "seal", how many techniques, experiences she wanted to share it for guests because when the tree of the guest bought a good development, high profit, they were later motivated to continue farming and sutras. Lan Lan, the tree of guests as well as their trees. Now this teacher Ta Thi Quyen has grasped the ecological characteristics of each type of LanNhan saw success in trading orchids like Today's Ms. Quyen, little Who knows that she completely went up from white hands. In 2017, she saw some people spread forest on social networks and brought this flower business idea. "At that time, I saw Mr. Tuan Tu in Ham Yen - Tuyen Quang Lan business online The fruit should decide to pursue this path. I went to Anh Tu to learn about forest spreads and how to import goods. You are the one who reunited me to Lan. In addition, I was lucky to receive the help of Khanh Van Ms. An. Although she did not know, she introduced customers to me and she also provided me the first shipments. Until later, I couldn't forget you to Thanh Xuan (Hoa Lan Binh Phuoc), who raised me a 5 CT cough and had a 20 pots. I felt very grateful because they supported me in the early days of starting a business ", Ms. Ta Thi Quyen shared. Ta Thi Quyen teachers are rated as a boldly starting person from orchids as a lover Nature so she enjoys very exciting and from there regularly watching the Livestream sessions, forums about orchids on the Internet. The more you find out, the more passionate she is actively exploring, studying forest orchid varieties. "At that time, I was a preschool teacher with very low income and to trade more items like Clothes and agricultural products outside working hours to cover life. Getting fascinated with Lan Forest as well as its economic potential, I decided to trial this item to create a more stable source of income, "Ms. Quyen said. Lan's Lan Tuy Tu Quyen As a familiar address of lovers spread in the area after a time, she raised to buy 5 CT Phu Tho first but did not know how to take care of the loss. Later, she borrowed a bank from 100 million VND to make a 27m2 small and entered a lot of 5 CT Phu Tho, 5 CT Hien Oanh about farming. Every young rice on her body is now available at VND 35 million / ki. Fortunately, a lot of people looking to sister and booked young rice. That amount she continued to invest in other 5 CT items. Just like that, some time after her garden, have covered both orchid and spread mutations. Ta Thi Quyen teachers always believed in their choice "sometimes weak trees, dead trees due to the amount of feces and drugs It is not reasonable, when weather conditions are affected by the development of trees. There was a time when I had to collect, borrowed and closed 1 Ki Lan White Snow for VND 130 million, but because I don't know how to care for 3 days later the tree died. This failure has left many valuable lessons for me. For me, want to succeed must always receive T

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