Tvsi – Vietnam’s Most Innovative Investment Banking Provider Of 2021

Tan Viet Securities Company (TVSI) has been recognized as the most creative banking service provider - Vietnam 2021 for remarkable efforts and achievements in this product segment during the period This is the information published in early September 2021 according to the evaluation and voting results of the Global Economic Journal in the 2021 Annual Program. Investment Banking Service (IB) is one In the four main business pillars of TVSI, providing high-quality package consulting services, highly appreciated by customers when bringing comprehensive solutions, supporting the sustainable development of enterprises. From 2016 - 2020, TVSI's revenue from IB maintained growth with impressive results. From 2019, the period of Vietnam's economy entered the Industrial Revolution 4.0, domestic enterprises continuously changed Change the scale, expand production and business, lending with a strong capital demand

. Capturing market trends, TVSI has adjusted the business model, expanding investment activities and providing IB services; In particular, it promotes the debt market consultancy service, combining consulting for merging trading transactions, consulting investor relations (IR) for businesses. A face, TVSI positively developed Partnership with investment funds, corporations and prestigious enterprises at home and abroad. Each partner is assessed and thoroughly evaluated by TVSI, organizations are strong, prestigious and long-term financial units in their core business, since then , giving peace of mind and effectiveness for investors
Other heads, TVSI focused on investing in developing highly expertise staff, adjusting processes, improving managers and continuously hitting Price and withdrawal of experience, improve the quality of service through each contract. From 2019 to the first 6 months of 2021, TVSI has advised and acted as a successful bond issuance agent for large quantities of issuing organizations , the total value issued by par value is estimated tens of trillion dong, rising to the top 12 securities companies with the largest market share of the bond issuance market. Particularly in August 2021, in the market of real estate bonds, TVSI reached the top 7 issued market share. In particular, for the clean energy sector, only in 2 months from 6/2021 to 8/2021, from the Top 3, TVSI has surpassed the top 2 market share market share. NOT ONLY 2021, Lien For 5 years, TVSI implements recent IB activities, from 2016 - 2020, revenue and profit from IB maintains growth with impressive results. From 2016 - 2020, IB revenue has grown storms with numbers in times. In the absence, in the period of 2019 - 2020, TVSI's IB revenue increased by more than five times, bringing TVSI to the top 2 Vietnamese securities companies on IB revenue. I known, in July 2021, the company Completing the increase in charter capital to VND 2,639 billion, equivalent to nearly 1.5 times, of the top 5 securities companies with the largest charter capital ./
Thai Duy

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