Twitter Test Feature Allows Users To Report Fake News

On August 18, the Twitter Social Network announced the new feature that allows users to mark the content that can contain false messages, news.02: 00/1: 27nam northern sequencing of the Twitter social network. Photo: AFP / TTXVN Twitter representative stating this social networking site is testing the feature that allows users to report posting contents that may be wrong news, fake news. Accordingly, from August 18, Twitter will show a button to click users in American countries, Korea and Australia select the "False Information" section after clicking on the "Tweet Report" section. After that, users can indicate more specifically the content of the content can be false news, fake news about the "medical" fields, "politics" and "other areas"

.Theo Twitter, the company has This San Francisco headquarter begins to test the above-based features to assess the effectiveness. Twitter representative added: "In this test, we may not have handling measures and cannot respond to each report, but the user's report will help us identify the trends to be possible Improve the speed and scale of the anti-fake work of Twitter ". It is like Facebook and YouTube, Twitter is often criticized for not strong enough to remove false messages, fake news rampant on social networks
Twitter tightened the regulations on false messages, fake news during the US presidential election in 2020 and Covid-19 pandemic. For example, during the campaign of Donald Trump's recirculation, Donald Trump in 2020, the Twitter Social Network labeled his post alert due to false content, then banned his account for posting content Excise violence and doubt the election results. In March this year, this social networking site began to block users 5 times warned by distributing fake news about Covid-19 vaccinations (VNA)

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