Two ‘beautiful Boys’ V (bts) And Park Hyung Sik Are Shown In Paekboy’s Mv?

V (BTS) and Park Hyung Sik showed their attached friendship! According to Sports Chosun, V (BTS) and Park Hyung Sik will appear as the main actor in Peakboy's new MV. This is the first time a BTS member appeared in the music video of a singer is not the same company with him. As we know, Park Hyung Sik has focused on building his acting career told Since Ze: A disbanded in 2017. That's therefore, this will be the first time Park Hyung Sik appeared in a music video after four years. V and Park Hyung Sik are associated with each other when they play together KBS's Hwarang film and a close friend since then as part of the "Wooga family"

. Naturally, the appearance of V and Park Hyung Sik in Peakboy MV has become the hottest theme in the Global K-Pop fans community. In the meantime, BTS wrote a new page with the song Their latest British - Butter, by winning No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100 for six consecutive weeks
On July 9, they released a new album, Butter, including Butter and Permission to Dance (Feat. Ed Sheeran). Park Hyung Sik recently chose Happiness as its back project. Happiness is a horror movie on the end of the world describing the survival of people isolated in the apartments, a thumbnail of a hierarchical society.Cao Phuong Nga - CTV

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