Two Brothers Dao Coin Earn $ 32,000 Per Month

With the Ethereum excavator installation in garage, two brothers from Texas, the US received $ 32,000 a month in 200:00 / 2: 10 namtheo Dallas News, Aanya Thakur, 9 years old and Ishaan brother, 14 years old The head is interested in encrypted money when listening to Bitcoin. At that time, two brothers were hard to buy encrypted money because the price was too high, so both decided to dig themselves. Recognizing Bitcoin entered the saturation phase, two brothers headed to the second largest cement market, Ethereum. Stringdained with an old gaming laptop, two small coin peers earned $ 1,000 in the first month . The initial success easily persuaded 2 children to upgrade the excavator

. However, the rapid pandemic caused the chip to become scarce, two brothers were forced to choose between acquisition with high prices or waiting for new goods. Digging machines in the Garage of the two brothers. Photo: Stewart F
House. The two decided to register to update the warehouse from large retailers like Best Buy and Micro Center. As soon as I received the email announcement, 2 brothers will go to the store early to buy the necessary components. This tiger helped 2 brothers to own the desire. In fact, due to excessive heat exhaustion, 2 children have to switch large parts to a air-conditioned data center in Dallas inner city. Nearly 30 machines are still in the garage. The excavator consists of 94 machines, mainly using NVIDIA RTX 3090 graphics card. Each apparatus takes about 10 hours to set up. "Digging encryption is similar to finding gold or diamonds. Instead of using a shovel, I use the computer
Instead of digging gold, I dig the encrypted money, "Ishaan shares.ishaan sells a part of the excavation to cover electricity and upgrades, expanding the digging system, The remaining profit will be transferred to a university service savings. Both dreams of becoming a doctor: Ishaan wants to study at the University of Pennsylvania and Aanya Choose New York University.So with profit earned, 2,500 USD electricity is not a big problem: 850 USD for the invoice at home and 1,650 USD pays for data centers. Currently, the digging system of the two brothers currently has 14 machines with 82 microprocessors to dig Ethereum and 5 machines with 12 processors to dig Ravencoin. The small "excavator" team plans to open the company called Flifer Technologies and has set 4 more exclined excavators from China.Anh HaoTheo NewsBTC

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