Two Cyclo

At that time, the country was war, but it was very far away, and I was still peaceful and peaceful. Plating I have a fabric booth at Dong Ba market. When I was young, plated or led to the market to play with plating all day while plating the cloth. I want to have a chance to put the chance to the market so it was an extremely fun. I flew everywhere, and was fed with a tired market

. Not only plating for, but the row of goods around the plating and compete for me to eat gifts. So when the market with plating is an extremely interesting thing, and the most likely to get a chance to go to the market to rain. Every time it rains the cyclo to home, the greater the raining outside
Heavy rain, the wind hisses, but inside my car is completely dry thanks to the thick tent. Lastly like the feeling of sitting inside listening to the sound of rain falling on the car running, sat and pressed close to the warm plating. The feeling was cherished, sheltered, and the warmth of the warmth was pleasant and happy. One of the two plateds was on the cyclo under the flushing rain. The car running halfway suddenly heard the "big" sound rang out making the car riding a panic, but Uncle Lot was rushed to reassure, and let the car rushed into the margin. As a while the wheel exploded and crushed. The car cannot run anymore while the road home is quite far from walking. Moreover, it was raining, plated and I had to get off the bus on the porch waiting for another car. To be a bit, the star with the cyclo to make us happy, especially this cyclo. The wheel tank was completely unwanted but he seemed to be pressing very much
Plating I pay for me before getting on a new car. Uncle carefully speaking to the plating that the car is so finished, the postpart doesn't have to pay any more. Uncle Ho's money after I will count two people together because they are familiar with. When the car came home, I saw plating back to get the money once again. Ideas to forget, I reminded you earlier to say I'm out of paying. This cyclone also said that, but plating said the money earned earlier to all of that cyclo, and the money was half of the road after the plating. Turning out this double-plated car trip? Why plated me ... Wild? The cyclo didn't accept it, but the plating added something finally he received money. I wonder why you have to pay twice! Plating told me: "The perverts are poor, have to ride a meal. Heavenly rained, no one went to the road. The two doctors were definitely affordable, there was no money to bring a poor family. Especially, he was taken into account earlier. So plating adds to help them, not forgotten. Plating said I later had to learn by plating. My house is lucky in heaven Buddha gives enough to eat enough to wear, but also knows how hard he is hard to think about how to help anyone will help. Hien was healed to listen to me. "The study" in Hien was healed "Plating Teaching in a rainy day in Hue with two cysts that forever printed deeply.

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