Two German And American Scientists Share The Nobel Prize In Chemistry 2021

The Nobel Council at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden has announced 2021 chemical Nobel award for two German and American scientists for developing a new tool for molecular construction, useful for pharmaceutical research. The owner of the Nobel Chemistry Prize this year is a German scientist Benjamin List comes from Max Planck Research Institute (Germany) and American Scientist David Macmillan of Princeton University (USA). in the Message posted on Twitter afternoon 6 / 10, the Nobel Council said that the researchers have long believed that only 2 catalysts are metal and enzymes. However, the independent research of Mr. List and Mr

. Macmillan has launched the third type called "asymmetrical catalysts", based on small organic molecules. "This discovery has brought the construction Building molecules to a whole new level. It not only makes the chemistry more environmentally friendly but also helps create asymmetric molecules much easier
.. using reactions This, researchers are now able to build anything more effectively, from new pharmaceuticals to molecules capable of acquiring the light in the solar cell ", the declaration of the Nobel Council . In 2020, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry is awarded to two female EMMANUELLE CHCACArpentier and Jennifer A. Doudna with genetic editing methods, helping to change the "password" of life in just a few weeks.Nobel Chemistry is The 3rd prize was announced in the Nobel 2021 season. Due to the influence of Covid-19 pandemic, how the award ceremony of this year will change, combine the form of direct and direct forms Urregation. Instead of gathering all winners in Stockholm, Sweden in December as a practice, diplomats of the Swedish Embassy in the countries will come to award the winners.

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