Two Military Helicopters Bumped Over, Eastern Libya Killed

Two soldiers of the Libya National Army (LNA), including Boouzied Al-Barrasi's pilot General, were killed after two military helicopters collided aerial and falling in the Masus area, south of the city Benghazi, Northeast Libya. LNA said 19 / 9. General Haftar's sources said, two helicopters had aerial collision in MSUS, 130km southeast of Benghazi and fell after the crew makes the crew The first helicopter, including General pilot Bouzied Al-Barrasi, killed, while the second helicopter crew survived, the declaration of the Libyan army in East-LNA said; Note, two helicopters are carrying out military tasks. The helicopters have been in distress that has not been revealed. LNA is operating some types of helicopters, mainly Mi-17 and Mi-24 produced by Soviet Union

. A Mi-35 attack helicopter of Libyan-LNA National Army falls in Benghazi on July 4 /two thousand and thirteen. Photo: Reuters / Esam al-Fetori. Nearly, in May, a MiG-21 of the Libya Air Force (LAF) was crashed near Benghazi
The accident occurred when LNA was fighting Chadian warriors In the southern Libya area on the border with Chad.After the Libyan minyar al-Gaddafi leader was poured and killed at the end of 2011 in a revolted NATO uprising, Libya fell into a daily civil war. With two main forces including the government of national united (GNA) control the western country, Turkey, Qatar, .. Support and UN recognition; While self-proclaiming Libya National Army (LNA) of General Khalifa Haftar, controlling the east and most of the southern Libya, unified (UAE), Egypt, Russia, .. Hau Relice. On October 23, 2020, in Geneva (Switzerland), the representative of GNA and LNA signed a long-term ceasefire agreement under the UN sponsorship intermediary. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), up to now, Armed conflict in Libya has killed thousands of people and injured, about 400,000 people lost their homesHuy Anh / Ds, Southfront

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