Two Orphan Sisters By Covid-19: The Desk Is A Parental Altar

Within 2 days, 2 sisters and school lost their parents for Covid-19, the warm house was cold, cold, choking, no laughter ... Special TV reporting: Two sisters lost their parents for Covid, taking a desk study desk00: 00/07: 55 people in the afternoon of Saigon pouring a heavy rain, we visit my house Tran Thi Ngoc Tuyen (18 years old) and Tran Khoa Dang Truong (10 years old) 593 An Duong Vuong , An Lac A Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City. Dong Tran Hoa Danh (71 years old), Ms

. Pham Thi Dao (64 years old) is the parents of Tuyen and school with Covid-19, leave forever leave 2 The child cannot be set up, tomorrow's life does not know how. Mut, my parents come together at age after afternoon. The family's life was thanks to the fact that the car repair of the three and his teacher's pension
The parents are strenuous, studying all 9th grade, Ngoc Tuyen asked to leave to Binh Duong as a worker, give it to me Trai to school. From the pandemic outbreaks, Tuyen unemployed home with his family. But I didn't expect this reunion to last half a month. Silently looked at the doctor to bring the mother's body to the sad story of 2 sisters started in mid-July. At that time, Mr. Danh was determined to make Covid-19 . Because the disease shifted severely, he was taken to Cho Ray Hospital for treatment. On July 30, all three mother and children were also positive for Covid-19 and was transferred to Hoc Mon to be quarantined. At the end of life, Ms. Dao did not walk, weak legs, eating and doing nothing and Must breathing oxygen
Looking at her mother lying in a place, Tuyen hoped her mother was healthy and promised that the translation would go to work to take care of the family. Tell the family, before the night of the mother died, I saw the doctor into the drug injecting for her many times, I just saw it but not Thought she would leave. Through the next day the doctor said my mother was at risk of not keeping the life. Thank you very much, I dreamed of my parents very much, my parents stood in the corner of the door and smiled but didn't say anything. I woke up, I was afraid. Tran Khoa Dang Truong "to the afternoon afternoon (4/8), my mother died, I was very panic. Mother lost in front of me, I didn't know anything, I regret it, "Ngoc Tuyen said in the tears. I posted the school still remembered like in that moment:" I just walked outside, I saw my mother lying Without breathing, I took the hand to my mother's chest but didn't see my heart. I called the doctor to check and the doctor said she was died. I turned to ask you, I said my mother was died. I went down. "Put minute haunting the 10-year-old boy is a dumbfounded moment when watching the doctor to bring the mother's body." At that time I stood outside, I saw my mother like that, I called out. I go ... ". I hurt when you saw the doctors bacteria on the mother and dropped my mother into the bag to take away, "said the red-eyed school, choking. Before the pain, the sister dumbfounded and frantically took the phone to call for three In order to report it but only heard the sound of tunners in the other side. Hai Tay Tuyen tightly gripped at sharing with reporters. "We went to the mother to the elevator, the doctor did not follow. The elevator door closed, the school sat down, he cried very, I was afraid no one worried for the kid, it was too small. And I'm big, I don't want anyone to see myself crying, "Tuyen said and remembering the last mother's advice for 2 sisters to loves, covering each other. The desk was studying in a parent altar Story to us, Ngoc Tuyen must replace the mask twice because the tears flow down, wet. The first day from the quarantine isolated, empty house, no people, looking at the younger child, Tuyen only knows Hugging me and crying, do not know what the next few days will live. Earlier hurt your mother is not calmed on August 14, 2 sisters received more information, my father could not overcome, it was died on 5 / 8, after my mother leaned exactly 1 day.The lightning struck, the two sisters and the school left his limbs, looking at each other desperately, tears kept moving. Every day there is a parent on the side, now the two children have been an orphan in the evil pandemic. The school said, this time last year he was taken to school to welcome the new school year, now I have to pick up Mother came in the jar of ashes. The day to receive the ashes of his mother, the school trembling to hold up, hugging the ashes while crying to call "Mom" ... And the ash of the three children cannot take home, are being sent at a temple, not knowing Newly on the mother's side. I can't prepare your parents to the altar of attentively, using the school's desk to make a temporary altar for parents. The altar without photos, no flowers, no candles, only flasks, Milk boxes, Mother's tro's jar and the letter of the words "ask for Maria's soul". Means of tears, lighting the parents compresses incense: "When lighting your child prayer and apologize for parents for parents Doing enough things for children but I can't do anything for my parents ... "Lighting compressing incense on the altar and school before the door, my eyes looked at the far away. The 10-year-old student was familiar with the English Mother LA, urged to go to bed early, the sound of her meals right at the corner of the house. But now, with me those things only in memory. "I remember the words of my parents who said before, remember the days of moms Alive or standing in this corner call me to sleep early. I remember ribs, sour soup mother cooking ... But now I just bi

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