Two People Are “tight ‘in The Same Grave

Archaeologists excavated a tomb in Cam Giang, Chengdu, China. Among the 43 graves found, they were extremely unexpected when they were discovered with 2 criminals buried in a grave. In the process of collecting the No. 7 subway line in Kim May Pagoda in Cam Giang, Thanh Do, China in March 2014, coincidental workers discovered a tomb. Accordingly, archaeologists quickly reached the scene and conducted excavations

. From here, they gradually decoded secretly about the lives of the Taiwan minh.Khu Tomb buried the epicentine about 2,300 m2. Experts find 43 graves here are built with colorful tiles
Inside the grave with many burial items such as gold and silver, jade, pottery ... Based on the antiquities found, experts identified those buried in the tombs of the tombs to work in coating Thuc Thuc Vuong under the time of Minh.In 43 graves, experts pay special attention to the remains of the remains of the remains of the two. Are they curious why these two people are buried in general instead of separately like others? How do they have a relationship? The contents on the contents of the beer recorded 2 of the thai named Nghe Ngu Ngoc and Nguyen Anh.When Ngoc Ngoc 8 year old and Nguyen Anh 6 year olds, the same step in Phu Thuc Vuong do the third. Tin of King Shui, the friend Nguyen Anh won the courtesy in the royal supply. The two have underwent the lives of many ups and downs in the supply, so emotionally sticking together. By 1515, Ngo Ngoc and Nguyen Anh thought of the post-consolidation when he was outside 50 years old
They planned to be buried together at the Eastern Suburban Tombs of Chengdu. After being pearls, Nguyen Anh buried a long-time friend in the tomb first. When he was adjacent to death, Nguyen Anh instructed people under buried in the same grave with a pearl friend after he died, the two of these are buried in the same grave to be with each other . This shows that their affection is extremely tight and durable, so they want to continue this relationship when going to the other world. The readers watch the video: Break the line to buy and sell people to China. Source: THTPCT. English (TH)

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