Two Philippines And Russian Journalists In The Nobel Peace League 2021

Philippine Maria Ressa Journalist Dmitry Muratov won the Nobel Peace Prize in Peace 2021 because of the effort to protect the freedom of expression, 'a prerequisite to ensure long-term democracy and peace', the prize committee Nobel said the Russian newspaper Dmitry Muratov (left) and the Philippine Maria Ressag, a prestigious awards of more than a century with a 10 million kronor bonus (1.1 million USD). The World of the United Nations was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2020 because of the efforts to prevent hunger to cause war and conflict. In 2019, the Prime Minister Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed was awarded for effort Push area peace. However, last year, he approached a war with rebels in the Tigray region, causing instability to African horns and the risk of causing a humanitarian crisis

. The Nobel 2021 award for the The field of medicine, physics, chemistry and literature has been announced in the past few days. Economic evaluation will be announced in the beginning of next week. Jiangtheo Nobelprize

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