Two Woman Wearing Lingerie Kneeling On The Controversial Road

When understanding the love, many people have moved and sympathize with the actions of the two women. However, many people still have fiercely condemn this job.0: 00/2: 20 nam nuoc in the exit A1 of Hangzhou subway line, China, a girl who only wears lingerie is kneeling ask for money. Besides, a middle-aged woman also dressed like that. The woman caught the attention on the road

. The two women have attracted the attention of many people. Along with that, countless criticisms are also thrown towards them: "Today, people for money that no longer keep the best", "For money, there's nothing they don't dare to do" .
. face ... face The criticism, the middle-aged woman was a bit embarrassed but the young girl still calm, as if she was so used to the insult from the pedestrians. The girl named Wang Fumo. From a young age, Wang orphaned parents. She was taken care of by her father but the peaceful life did not last long. After the death of the Father, Wang Fumo from the homeland in Sichuan to Hangzhou to make a living. Once, while walking the night market, Wang accidentally met Liu Yonglong - a barbecue seller
When he knew the boy working hard to earn money to heal Wang did dynamic injury. She met the guy and two people gradually loved each other. The time passed, the guy's love was getting serious. The doctor said, he had to transplant the myelum, otherwise it wouldn't be passed away. In order to heal her boyfriend, Wang Fumo did everything. Whoever hired what she received. Even Wang also came to the newly demolished buildings to pick up iron and steel. Wang's face is full of dust, her hands many times a lot of times and lecture scars because of steel stabbing but Wang hasn't once complained. However, income from the things she did not seepproof compared to the surgery. Inspecting, Wang and his mother decided to wear lingerie, kneeling at the entrance to the subway to attract attention Everyone's. She hoped to get more money to cure her boyfriend.When understood the sincere sheet of the girl, many people were dying and sympathized with the actions of two women. However, many people still condemn fiercely wearing lingerie kneeling kneeling in public Wang and his mother's mother. Many people think that this behavior is to be obscene, affecting public order and pure Myry. Moreover, the subway station is the passage of many people with different ages. If children see this scene, will certainly affect the psychology. "They have the right to seek help from society but they should also pay attention to the social impact when seeking help", one person Comment.Linh Giang (according to Sohu)

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