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The Euro 2020 VCK has not ended but the British media has chosen the typical squad of the tournament <: 00/4: 13 NAMVCK Euro 2020 will end at 2:00 on 12-7 by the finals between him and Italy On Wembley (London, England). The largest European match in the summer seems to have happened and disappeared in an outbound but it did not disappoint with outstanding moments that could look back for years come. There are some players who came out light thanks to the peak performance in Euro 2020 as Patrick Schick (Czech), Robin Gosen (Germany), Saka (England) or Leonardo Spinazzola (Italy). Typical society Euro 2020 Daily Star has 8 players of the two teams into the finals of England and Italy. Photo: Daily Star The Daily Star Sports Board (Britain) Jeremy Cross was tasked with synthesizing the 11th most players in Euro 2020 before the finals took place

. In this squad, there are 4 players British and 4 Italian players. Here is the typical squad of the EURO 2020 of Daily Star: Goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel (Denmark): The son of the legendary goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel has played Extremely or in Euro 2020 VCK. Typical is the peak performance of Kasper Schmeichel in the semi-finals before him
The Leading Leads played full of jealousy and did not worry about the result of failure.Giovanni di Lorenzo (Italy): Di Lorenze's spell is probably "no one to overcome me". It means that the cradle produces many legendary defenders throughout the length of the world football history and Di Lorenzo has the ability to join that long list.Harry Maguire (England): Manchester United's midfielder is absent in one The number of early matches of England because he did not recover injury and fitness. Some people think Maguire should not contribute to the England because they don't believe Maguire can play or with the wound while recovering. Now Maguire has documented how much they are wrong. Maguire is the commander of his defense to hit a goal in the tournament. He also participated in the attack on the match against a 4-0 winner in the quarterfinals.Maguire was the stone in the England squad. Photo: Rexgiorgio Chiellini (Italy): Chiellini is 36 years old but still retains a passionate election as a younger than 10 years old
He is a warrior, a leader and is a place to rely on the Italian in the journey into the end of Euro 2020. Chiellini plays with smiles always blooming on the lips ... Luke Shaw (UK): Shaw returns spectacular with good performance The most in his career after having a horrified broken injury a few years ago. Shaw's amazing performance in England shirt shows that he is one of the best left-backs in the world.Leonardo Spinazzola (Italy): The right defender of this Roma is the least lucky player Euro 2020 . He was a speed king with extremely excellent wind slopes before having a serious injury in the quarterfinals against Belgium. Spinazzola must bid farewell to the tears in tears to fly to Rome surgery and expect him to take 6 months to recover.spinazzola has an incomplete journey in Euro 2020. Photo: Gettynicolo Barella (Italy): Barella leads and Commander is very good. It's no surprise that Liverpool aspires to get the signature of Barella.Pedri (Spain): Lionel Messi is the biggest fan of Barcelona's 18-year-old new teammate. The first time appeared on the big stage, Pedri played confidently and kept thinking like he was a thick player of Spain's experience. Pedri is a talent that only encapsulates two from the export. Rahaheem Sterling (England): Never seen sterling competitions stable in a tournament like this time. Sterling shoulder the recruitment of England with important goals. Manchester City fans would certainly be very angry if the club decided to sell Sterling.sterling sublimation with England in Euro 2020. Photo: Gettyharry Kane (England): Some people call Southgate to remove the captain Harry Kane after the performance Frustrated in the table stage. But Kane has returned to spectacular with 4 goals in the knock-out round with a tired, class-class discharge roller performances.Lorenzo Insigne (Italy): Insigne can be low Baby but he has a vast future ahead. Owning the ability to control balls and great views, Insigne scored some beautiful goals and inspires Italians from the beginning. It's great to watch Insigne performing on the field. The typical team voted by Daily Star to the entire players of 4 teams into the Euro semi-finals. It will definitely cause controversy when exciting for the two teams in the Euro 2020 finals is British and Italian. There are many stone players or at Euro 2020 VCK like Schick or Ronaldo, who is leading the scorer list with 5 goals and 1 tectonic. So, you can choose a typical euro 2020 team for your own I. According to you, 11 most excellent players 2020 in each position? Gia Dinh

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