Uae Central Bank: Money Laundering Problem Increases In Covid-19 Translation

Central Bank of Arab Emirates (UAE) found that the risk of increasing the rotation of illegal financial lines during the Covid-19 epidemic period, including money laundering and sponsorship Terror. In a report announced on September 19, the UAE central bank reflects the use of monetary service providers without an e-license and e-commerce to wash money Crisis Covid-19. Report stating the e-commerce has exploded in Covid-19 translation due to blockade orders to control the disease imposed in countries. Due to the ability to limit moving funds and e-commerce, e-commerce has become a money laundering tool of criminals. According to the report, the number of "money" One third party with their bank account and transferred that money to another person or withdrawing the money out (cash) or giving others, receiving commissions from doing this, significantly increased in Pandemic and UAE banks, most of these accounts are in low-income individuals in Africa and Asia

. Also, the bank also identifies a series of frauds related to Covid Translation -19 As if companies or individuals provide false information to be eligible to receive support from the Government's economic stimulus package. The UAE bank also detects the risks of fraud from outside, especially cybercrime in both traditional and digital channels. The report is given in the context of the UAE central bank promoting efforts to Control illegal financial lines
Financial task force, an intergovernmental organization monitoring against money laundering, last year said that the UAE central bank needs great improvements to avoid being included "Gray List" Countries need to strengthen supervisor.Lan Phuong (VNA)

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