Uav Attacks Russia’s Moliya Herds Will Be Carried With A Special Plane

Unmanned aircraft (UAV) Molniya will receive an unusual combat plane.0: 00/1: 20 south in the context of completing the development of UAV Molniya, which will act as part of the tactics Attacking herds, it is known that the main means to transport and operate this type will be an unusual aircraft. At the information of a professional flow, we are talking about a session. The special modernization of the IL-76 aircraft. This specially designed means will make unmanned aircraft drops in large quantities into the necessary combat area

.uav Molniya. , the development of reconnaissance and anti-electronic versions of Molniya unmanned aircraft has been completed in fact, which can make the Russian army begin to test them from a carrier - Standard. In fact, in the first stage, the IL-76 aircraft will be equipped with a special device that can be suitable for this, but In the future a special edition of combat aircraft can appear
About Molniya unmanned aircraft itself, previously had more information suggested that Russian designers are developing a combat version , a reconnaissance version and a version designed to use electronic combat devices. Experts note that, in the future, IL-112V military transport aircraft can become a mother plane to carry and launch unmanned flights Molniya.

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