Uefa Knew ‘bored’ Organized Euro In Many Countries

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin recognizes Euro 2020 as an expensive experience and is unlimited with teams as well as fans of the Fans. <: 00/2: 27 Nam is born from the idea of former UEFA President Michel Platini to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the European Football Championship, Euro 2020 (taking place in 2021 due to Covid-19 epidemic but was recommended to remain in the first name) for the first time given the right to host 12 Country, after 11 countries were retreated by Q Ireland. People on Puskas Arena in Budapest made the hearts eagerly from the original joy of fans who witnessed the football "go" throughout Europe, the teams themselves The ball proved dissatisfied, even felt scared when thinking about the distance to move to play. It is estimated that in the case of a French entry into the semi-finals, they will have to play 6 games within 21 days and move between 5 different countries on the 7.280km journey! Fortunately, "Gaulois rooster" stops in the first round of 1/8 so it's not more than 2,600km "executive" more than 2,600km of flight to go to Paris soon! Enjoy the Fa face injury, penalty card, weather and flight At that time, the England team was so much benefit when the coach Gareth Southgate team only had to play a guest match in Rome in the quarterfinals and only had to move two flights a total of 2,892 km

. Recruiting Italy, the final team to the final 12-7 also benefit from the movement schedule, only to fly 3.344km before being present in London the last day of the tournament. If hugging the championship trophy about Rome, the army of Thien Thanh shirt also only flies 1,440km in the joyful joy
Bening him only flew less than 3,000km both the tournament in the interview of the Sports Desk program BBC Channel, President Ceferin affirmed: "UEFA will not support the organization in many countries like that anymore. Having a number of teams to fly more than 10,000km while their opponents only have to move 1,000km made everyone who knows that is not really fair for fans when moderate in Rome a day and moves to Baku then a few days with a flight lasting nearly 5 hours " .Bbc deducted the speaker of the UEFA president, swearing to hold Euro in many countries many countries that offer different Covid-19 epidemic prevention regulations, fans across Europe are unable to accompany the team My to many countries. The famous Spanish Television El Chiringuito frankly criticized UEFA created all conditions for England to win. El Chiringuito criticizes UEFA bias of England, who had to move the longest way, from Baku ( Azerbaijan) to Rome (Italy), back to Baku and fly to Bucharest (Romania), St.Petersburg (Russia) A total of 15,485km, while Scotland only has to move from Hampden Park to Wembley (England) to kick 3 Battle on the distance of 1,108km! Dong Linh - Photo: Reuters

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