Ukraine Has A Lesson From Western Promise, What Does Russia Say?

Foreign Minister DMYTRO Kulba said that Ukraine learned bitter lessons about Western promises. In a recent interview with his Independent, Foreign Minister Ukraine Dmytro Kulba said that Ukraine received articles Bitter learning comes from the promises of the West.General Ukraine Dmitro Kulba. "This country has learned some bitter lessons that the Western promises may not be done. We do not believe in The promises "- Foreign Minister Ukraine said

. According to his words, Ukraine understands that they can only rely on themselves and the medium-term short-term goal is to aim to become a flexible military country Like Israel. "The current situation is no other option. Army, diplomacy and Ukrainian people - that's what we have to exist "- Mr
Kulba added. According to Mr. Kuleba, in addition to not receiving the real Western support, Ukraine is no longer holding Relations with neighboring neighboring Belarus. The relationship between Kyiv and Minsk is at the lowest level in history. Last week, President Belarus Alexander Lukashenko was closer to the relationship with Russia by promoting cooperation among the alliance state. At the same time, Russia and Belarus also promoted the Zapad-2021 general military exercise, along the North, East and Southeastern ribs of Ukraine. In the meantime, Ukraine received the sweet words of Europe, becoming a NATO member, is ensured by the US in the confrontation in Russia ... and never seen those promises to become reality
Kubela said that the opposition The fact that Ukraine joined the Euro-Atlantic Council was only a fear of the Russian scenario attacked. This means NATO membership Ukraine will become more realistic if Russia is "much weaker" than the present or Moscow does something too in a Western way that is forced to act strongly and allow Ukraine to join the military alliance. Before Such comments of Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Chairman of the Russian National Duma International Committee on international issues, Leonid Slutsky said, Western needs Ukraine as a pedal for his "anti-Russian" project, So what is needed is that Kiev to restore neighboring relations with Russia and Belarus. Slutsky also said that even though Foreign Minister Kubela said Ukraine had learned bitter lessons about Western promises but on In fact, Ukraine also accepts themselves. "Ukraine was used as a pedal in the Western Anti-Russian project, and geopolitically is like a good army in Washington's game" - Mr. Slutsky said. According to the Russian Senator, the Ukraine became a flexible military country like Israel not the item t Best for this country. Instead, Kiev should return to the neighboring relationship with Russia and Belarus. That is the "prerequisite" with a peaceful future of Slavic's common house. Slutsky said: "Ukrainians, Russians and Belarusians are ethnic groups who share a common history and culture, and They have no other way than to be together. "Hai Lam

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