Ukraine Soldiers Negligence Damage To Their Main Forces

According to Avia.Pro news agency, due to the negligence of an Ukrainian soldier, the positions of this armed forces are heavily lossed. The rise of soldiers causes a fire for the Ukraine force. of the Ukrainian military is not far from the contact in Donbass, the positions of Armed Liang Ukraine have been destroyed in the Topolinoye settlement area. In addition to the positions of the Ukraine armed forces destroyed, a soldier was killed and at least two other seriously injured hospitals - Telegram Military Observer led the representative source of the militia of the People's Republic Donetsk claimed to say

.Theo, a gunner of the 78 brigade of the Armed forces of Ukraine on November 22 was burnt due to carelessness. The incident makes a dead person and 2 soldiers burn with different severities. This is not the first time the unintentional negligence caused to harm the armed forces of Ukraine
Earlier, there was information about the Explosion of the Air Drying Rocket Striela-10 and an explosion at the battle commander due to negligence related to weapons.

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