Ukrainian Flagship Disabled While Russia Doesn’t Cost A Bullet

The Ukrainian Navy is having a big difficulty when their Hetman Sagaidachny flagship stands in front of the risk of unable to continue serving. Before the 2021 Independence Day celebration of Ukraine takes place, Getman Sagaidachny flagship has had to come to the factory Nikolaev to repair in the state cannot move itself because the engine is broken. There are also many other issues discovered. Hetman Sagaidachny completed in 1990 to equip the border forces of the Soviet Union. Accordingly, its equipment is optimized for border protection, the ship has no strong firepower that advantages lies in the radar and speed

. After the Soviet Union disintegrates, in 1992, the ship This patrol is called the Ukrainian Navy as a "small destroying destroyer", despite its remote power to be corresponding to the name, but it still plays the fleet's flagship. Dynamic, especially guaranteed the technical status of Ukraine in a special way, to solve the spare source, "sister ship" with Hetman Sagaidachny is Hetman Doroshenko and Hetman Baida-Vishnevetsky is about to be disassembled Each department to install. Spare parts for Hetman Sagaidachny is maintained this way until 2013
Then there is nothing to disassemble and in 2017, the main engine of the flagship has been broken very often . A scandal is also detected at this time, when the State Shipyard Management Board is simply stealing money to repair - it is about 1 million 600 thousand hryvn Ia is misplaced. The Ukraine general prosecution has then conducted criminal proceedings, but over time, the case was suspended, no one was responsible, the big amount was quite large Delect the nothingness. The small zone must be corrected again, this time it takes 91 million hryvnia to restore its operability. After that, the flagship has come several times and even participates in the Sea Breeze - 2018 exercise. But the safety margin does not last long. Even then, the sailors also see that almost all of them The system supports life on the ship in a bad condition, even the fire fighting equipment is also inactive in recent years, the Ukrainian naval forces have to pretend that the ship is still active often. Although it is clear that the flagship can only run at low speed and very carefully. In fact, Hetman Sagaidachny has played the decoration craft of the Ukrainian Navy in the last 2 years, serving pure rituals Drug and solemn, as well as welcoming guests. In this case, repairing the hetman sagaidachny battleship can turn into an endless story
Now the question is whether the engine needs to be overhauled or changed when spare parts are only produced in Russia. After the Crimea event in 2014, Ukraine cannot find a spare source. The replacement of the engine is very expensive, so it will even be cheaper if you play a new ship from the beginning instead of trying to fix it. Ukrainian naval flagship flasks may be like its "sisters", it's being Sawping saws and dismantling parts. If you're more luckier, the ship will be retained as a floating museum. In fact, the Ukrainian naval forces currently have only "mosquitoes" fleets including small boats and support vessels. They will soon lose their battleship with their only 4,000 tons of water in the race with Russia's black sea fleet, even in normal situations, Ukraine's side has lost the true flagship Moskva has not shot the bullet into it. Bach Duong

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