Ultraviolet Rays Across The Country Are Very High

According to the National Meteorological Forecasting Center, Sunday (July 11), the maximum ultraviolet index in the Northern, central and southern as a very high risk of harmful risks (8-10 ) .0: 00/1: 59 male in July 11, the maximum ultraviolet index in the Northern, central and southern as a very high risk of harmful risks. Artwork: Thanh Tung / TTXVN with maximum ultraviolet index from 10pm - 14 hours daily. Particularly, Ca Mau City (Ca Mau Province), ultraviolet radiation is very high from 11-13 hours. The world health organization, 8-10 is very high, causing burns for 25 minutes to continue Continuous contact with sunshine

. According to the doctor, in the hot days, hot sunshine, the skin increases sweat, the oil residue is easy to cause skin diseases like acne, eggs, freckles, darkening ..
Wearing a mask or improper skin care can cause the affected skin. Another note is a sultry weather, high temperature causes many uncomfortable people to continuously bathe. This is not because a lot of bathing will cause the skin to dry, so only bath 1-2 times / day, limit water baths too cold or heat to harm the skin. In addition, it is necessary to wash face regularly, especially when washing your face, it is important that the right hand is clean. Also, to protect the skin before the effect of heat, people need a reasonable diet. Specifically, strengthening vitamins and minerals from fruits, restricting frying, grease, fully breakfast, controlling living mode, fitness exercise regularly, resting on time, avoiding staying late, stretch Straight ... In particular, each person needs to ensure water compensation mode with 2-2.5 liters of water / day
However, the issue of people often encountered is the most dry eye. This happens because high thermal background makes tears released quickly. In particular, people who work widely with computers and often in air-conditioned rooms, dry eyes are very popular. This situation if every time to prolong will lead to eye functional decline. The doctor recommends the appropriate eye protection measures when going out of sunshine, or out the road with many pollution dust like wearing sunglasses, teams Helmet with shielding glasses ... People should also limited long looks into the television screen, computer, phone ... by following the 20/20/20 principle, it is looking at the 20-minute screen Then look away from 20m within 20 seconds.Minh Nguyet (VNA)

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