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Hong Guang Mini EV is the best-selling electric car China today but the interest is announced low at an incredible level, only about 14 USD / vehicle.02: 00/2: 12 nam southern electric Hong Guang Mini EV is Collaboration products between General Motors and Chinese Wuling partners. This year, some predictions said that this automaker could sell 400,000 units to customers. One of the attractions of this EV model was a price of just over 4000 USD (VND 92 million). China's Xcar page reported, GM and Wuling earned 89 yuan / vehicle ie about 14 USD / car sold (315,000 VND / car)

. Hong Guang Mini EV electricity price only over 4000 USD Making attraction with attraction This electric car. Although the low profit, GM and Wuling seem like not too disappointed. If sold 400,000 vehicles this year, it means they will collect $ 5
5 million in interest. Looking at this number can be found not too large compared to the profits that other cars of GM brought back. However, they can still bring money to the company. The interest rate of 89 yuan / vehicle that GM and Wuling earned from Hong Guang Mini EV, the company may be looking for ways to sell this model The pole it brings. Like in the US, Chinese automakers receive carbon credit after selling green cars. AUTOEVOLUTION sheet said that for each Hong Guang Mini EV sold, Wuling received 2 carbon credits. A carbon creditor in China worth 3000 yuan (ie 462 USD or about 10.9 million VND) immediately takes more money to Wuling than pure business. 2: Carbon credit score also As a source of automakers when selling green cars to the market. If 560,000 EV mini eVs are sold immediately, the company will have the money collected from carbon credit is 259
8 million USD, equal to the amount of Tesla In every quarter with this regulation in the US. was released in 2020, Hong Guang Mini EV was equipped with a 17.4-horsepower (13 kW) and 9.2 kWh or 13.8 kWh. After charging, the car can run 120km or 170km depending on each type of battery equipped on the vehicle, maximum speed of 100km / h.Binh An (according to CarScoop, Autoevolution) Questions using and buying and selling cars to the Board Motorbike by email: otoxemay@vietnamnet.vn. Thank you!

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