Uncle Ho Who Is Faith * August Revolution

Close to the National Day September 2, the whole country towards the Historical History victory of the Heroes of the ethnicity TA.0: 00/1: 24 Southern Southern Southern History History (Artwork: Internet) FAMILY HAPPY OF THE NORTH NON NON HAPPINESS ALWAND ALWAND ALWAND ALWAYMENT OF THE ENTERPRISE ATTENTION OF THE MANAGEMENT WILL SUCCESS DECISION: Total revolt quickly robbing the government for thousands of years. Dear cell moment! Now decided the moment is here for the destiny of our people who have arrived. Dong Quoc who stood up: "Many ethnicos are oppressive in the world that jealouss together to win independence. Delayed

. Go up! Under the Vietnamese flag, the compatriot is brave forward! "Win the freelance for happiness, I am liberated for me. You are called the words of the country in the whole country to decide on" Bong's legs Throughout the year, it looks far away from Thousands of Asian miles, it is clear to quickly the silence of the time to quickly get the lightning hand to grab the thunderstorm to stand up the land of the army ranging and ranging with the sky according to Help Help Linh Linh Non around the first day "* August Revolution such as the storm launch army troops occupy Thai raw quickly advanced to Hanoi with the people robbing the government of the main revolt such as rays from Hanoi-Hue-Saigon nine August day history only one week successful The great association of the sky is like a new year of birth and a freelance to offer the chest in the year of the league

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