Uncle Team And Doll

A early autumn session, the sun shook the first golden rays to the garden, the charming guava scent spread all over the neighborhood. The village space is still quiet.0: 00/4: 04men the wilderness of the portal to find the number of friends to play but don't see anyone. Clinging his hand into the gate made of bamboo of his house, died, he suddenly appeared right in front of a uniform with a blue uniform, her shoulder wearing backpack. The team leaned down to ask: - Who do you house? - My child's grandchildren said

. I answered my mind. I took the pink plastic doll on the edge pocket of the backpack giving me. I led me up with two arms and went into the yard and dropped me down, calling to: - my parents! I'm back here! The whole grandfather's house and Mr
Tan (Mr. Tan is my grandfather's brother, the two houses near each other, the yard) hurriedly ran out of yard. My husband shouted her happily: - Oh! He set up! He was already about two, Daddy! Ah, turned out that this team's uncle was my family. Everyone only reminds the name, now I know the face. The joy for Nguyen family was unexpectedly. Everyone thought he had sacrificed unexpectedly he appeared with bones with meat right in front of him. Ms. Tan tears gave away from the kitchen running out. He hugged his mother and remembered the most and whispered: "I miss my mother too" .
. The rumor of Uncle has lost that a year that the whole family is extremely painful. Now, I returned that everyone felt like a dream. My grandfather watched my uncle from head to feet to see if it was injured, then pat the shoulder: - This guy is good! - Thank you. Fortunately, it is okay. The eyes of searching and asking the eyes and asking: - Does your wife have not returned to me? I am fierce Lemon Answer: - Uncle Su went to work at the clinic, the new night. BAO: - I don't know if I have children? You have a son, Nguyen Thanh Trung.- It's true? My face brightened. I jumped up and forgot the injured leg. The face was a little frowned but smiled immediately. I asked my grandfather and Mr. Tan: - Where's my son? Why don't people not email. Where are you dad? - At my grandmother's house, she welcomed to pick up last night. Hearing the news about how there is now now. My wife letter wrote a lot but probably due to lost, unable to arrive - Mr. Tan answered. - Let's go to greet the parents of his wife and welcoming me back. That day, my whole family is very happy, He was about to celebrate but his grandfather went away. He said that some families received the news they had sacrificed (at that time, I was doing homerowners). Mr. Trung was illegally welcomed from the foreigner at noon that day. Unregistered couple greeted relatives and villages. Uncle Huong occasionally taken the SOA tires of tears because of fun. Later later, I knew that he had to suffer from Thien Ha blowing that Mr. Trung was not a judgment. In fact, after training for a while, my uncle took over to the house once. I used to be sad, I couldn't. My grandfather, I recommend I'm not finished: - The children of everyone are shelves, must be raised. It is their grandson Nguyen this! Then, the two men talked to me, if he was a son, named Nguyen Thanh Trung, if he was a girl named Nguyen Hoai Phuong. The middle of the middle of England was born, they wanted to wait for this day for a long time, but Mrs. Tan because he had a grandchild to carry. Then I didn't expect myself to connect the road. Looking at his son to three blasts, my uncle was very proud. He hugged him in his heart from welcoming without leaving. My aunts poured green tea to invite everyone. Each house to play carrying a storm light, shining a courtyard. And I, at that time standing at the courtyard with his grandfather looked over. Suddenly remembering the doll who was held in the morning, I ran into the house, carrying it up. The doll lies and close his eyes, standing, opening her eyes. Rub! More beautifully doll bought me. The hand hugged the doll but thought how I brought it to Mr. Trung's hand: - This doll is his friend. Istroke my hand to support my hand: - I gave me it. - I don't take it because you don't have a gift. I went to Mr. Trung's hand and ran out the gate, playing with neighbors. That year, I was 5 years old but my uncle returned from the battlefield, I remember forever without forgetting. Memories of beautiful childhood still follow me throughout the whole life. According to the heart of the soldier Thuy Hau

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