Uncovering The Secret Inside The House To Rent ‘tiny’ Of The 36m2 Of Elon Musk: 1 Extremely ‘harsh’ But The Billionaire Says ‘awesome’

As one of the world's richest billionaires, Elon Musk only lives in a 'tiny' house for only $ 50,000 in Texas with extremely simple interiors with simple.02: 00/1: 27 namsau Most of the real estate and selling their last mansion in early this month, Elon Musk wants to focus more on the universe mission. CEO Tesla and SPACEX are putting the phrase "Living below your income" to a new height. Elon Musk and Boxabl 36m2 apartments. 50 years old revealed, I live in a modest house , Only 36m2 with a price of $ 50,000, hired from SPACEX on the Run in Boca Chica, Texas

. This price is much cheaper than a Tesla Model model. The apartments are "tiny" but meet all the essential human needs: living areas, bathrooms, houses Kitchen and bed - All are encapsulated in the boxabl. The American person is supposed to live in a 36m2 broadcast house of Boxabl
The pioneer of the smart designs are based In Las Vegas, by Galiano and Father, Paolo Tiramani co-founded in 2017, specializing in producing compact houses can transport flexible anywhere. At the present time, these are the products with great potential. Furniture ground "Casita" that Boxables provided. Casita model is designed by Boxabl Boxabl, which can be made from the material that can be used on Mars. This is a very unique detail of this model. Living space and washing with front door ventilated. These "box" boxables have open floor diagrams and fitted multiple glass doors to get light Natural. From the bedroom can look covering the kitchen space and is prevented with the living room by a wardrobe. Guestroom is designed adjacent to the bathroom and dry cleaning area. Small kitchen space Enough place to place essential utensils
Compact dining space, maximum savings of living space. Simple bathrooms are as simple as possible but still extremely modern and comfortable. A other perspective from the bathroom of "Box House" Boxablchia to "box house" with followers on social networks, billionaires rich in the world confide in a post on Twitter: "I live in the house located near Boca launcher Chica, Texas and I hired it from SPACEX for $ 50,000. Apartments are amazing. "

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