‘uncovering The Secret’ Inside The Palace Of The ‘confucian Princess’ Made People ‘lost’

Outside shimmering, but inside made people 'lost'. What is the secret hidden in the villas along the lake of the name of the famous "princess" famous Chinese language entertainment makes it possible to block the house? 0: 00/5: 59 nam nam, china netizens Being boring when the villas along the lake of the 'Witness Princess "Duong Le Binh was investigated and on the newspaper. It's out, looking at the beautiful looks like that, but it is essential that the internal environment is not proportional. This is true or a view of view? It is known that Duong Le Binh is original in Yunnan province. Beautiful people who have built a large-scale villas on the side of the palace in their homeland

. The villas are a combination of modern and classical modern styles, a magnificent magnificent castle, losing themselves between flower grasses, a fairy tale in real life. However, this villas are being blocked. There is no special wastewater drainage system, polluting HoiraHai atriocai is a fairly popular tourist destination in Yunnan, attracting the number of tourists Huge annual
Information 'The Confucian Princess' Yang Le Binh owned a fairy castle along the lake is also one of the reasons for the number of visitors to visit the day. It is known, Duong Le Binh invited the designer Trieu Thanh designed two houses here, built on the environmental landscape, reserved the entire natural beauty. This is similar to the design idea of Trieu Chau ancient Bridge. In the process of construction, designers and construction also considered the terrain element to better landscapes. However, because the building is located on a small island, there is no way to establish a special wastewater drainage system. It is therefore that domestic wastewater and waste are discharged directly into Hoiria. This not only causes Duong Le Binh with a bad reputation, but also greatly affects the surrounding area. It can be said, the problem starts right from the technical drawing approval and in construction. Journalists also pointed out that, if they set up a design, they set up a pipeline connected to the mainland, which could affect the vessel to travel on the lake. But if the underground design is under the bottom of the lake, the construction work will be extremely difficult, and it is important that the cost will team up extremely high
The main reason is that people do not consider the problem How long does it cost to design a beautiful landscape with nature's closeness, aesthetics rather than considering ecology. Some people believe that the idea of the villa owner It is only considered this place as a place to go to mind, sightseeing and treating friends, or a media interview point, so that the whole world knows Duong Le Binh has a different artist style With the crowd. Therefore, the design is designed, the construction ignored this category. However, no less audience commented, although Duong Le Binh was an artist but the dispersion of live liable into Hoira is Article Really "dirty". Although the words are a bit heavy, in this case, CNET really wants to protect the landscape of Hoiria rather than protecting his idol. Hoira, a beautiful scene given by nature, has been in trouble due to the false calculation of Duong Le Binh, which the beautiful people themselves don't expect. However, the incident seems too far, when Now, garbage by tourists and people are also counted "on the top" of Duong Le Binh. People who have visited the sun supply are so comfortable and fascinated by the landscape and architecture here . A castle between the large forest immerse with trees and birds. However, no visitors are conscious people. Some people carry food when they go to visit, after eating and throwing away the garbage paper bag, or any other object ... the garbage floating on the lake, others sink to the bottom of the lake, this story Taking place continuously. After seeing this, some netizens criticized Duong Le Binh because they did not manage this place well. Even someone also said that it was because she was a beautiful view of Hoiria. Not only tourists, but also some people think so, when they think Duong Le Binh's house attracts many tourists and it is a business opportunity. They build a number of restaurants on the lake banks that are convenient for tourists or sell local specialties to realize the dream of getting rich. But their domestic garbage was also thrown into Hoira. A debate broke out after someone criticized the 'Confucent princess' for this. Some argue that the consciousness of people or tourists is not related to Duong Le Binh. Why not put the question mark for them, but dumped all the sin to the top of the 'Confucian princess'? Some insisted that all of this originated from Duong Le Binh's palace. Without this architectural building, everyone only sightseeing on the shore, or taking a boat around Hoira, then has enjoyed the natural integrity here.

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