Unemployment For Covid, The 9x Boy Makes The Country Clip Attract Million View

The capital has been a tour guide for 4 years in Da Lat but now Khac Quang must return to his hometown, suspend the job to ensure the prevention of epidemics. Constantly creative, young men 9X developed digital content on the platform of Tiktok social networks to both serve entertainment needs, and earn more income. In 9:00 / 3: 03 Nam Nguyen Khac Quang (born year 1997, hometown in Dak Nong) once lived and made a tour guide in Da Lat for 4 years. Since translation of Covid-19 complicated developments, tours are gradually limited, free tourist guides such as optical loss of income, no jobs in May, Quang decided to go home and help Parents of Dong Dong work, raising silkworms, have developed digital content on peace and rustic countryside. After a while making a clip on Tiktok social network, youth 9X received a lot of positive feedback from viewers with nearly 14 million lovers, more than 500,000 followers

. "Initially about his house was still novel With a life rhythm and work, working from the limbs from morning to the afternoon. On the day of 7am to 11pm after 14pm to 17pm, I joined the parents to the gardens (growing silkworms; growing pumpkin; ginger; left tree; .
.) of the family to work. I started doing Tiktok from seeing its explosion in August 2020, when I do channels to review locations Eating travel in Dalat but not noticed because he was initially surprised. Tiktok canal began to grow since he came home with the contents of rustic peaceful countryside. Perhaps, everyone Likes to see yourself because of the charm, the voice is strange and the country content has fewer mining. Also, I want to share the family's silkworm raising model for everyone to know, refer and can learn m Some experience. Parents also want to share themselves to make farmers like their homes. "With creativity of content, how to convey the message for each video so the Tiktok channel of the 9x youth Smoking viewers and providing a stable income, about VND 10 million / month. The famous glorious on the Tiktokvideo of Quang has simple content to introduce "Mixed" trees of the family to reach Nearly 4 million views. Sharing modern silkworm feeding for the income of nearly 20 million VND / month of Family Khac Quang, the family's family raised silkworms since 2004 in the old style, raising silkworms on hot, picking each strawberry for silkworm eating, cleaning stool every day to prevent silkworms
But now the way of farming has changed much and leisurely, as silkworms are directly under the background, the matter only has to move once before the nine silkworm day Dirty, cut the bride leaves completely to keep the freshness of the leaves, save time. After bringing a bridge to spread on the silkworm, where to eat silkworms will crawl up there, the matter Falling on the background, silkworms on the bride's branch are still clean, supporting the illnesses more silk than before. So the 9X guy asked her parents to share how modern silkworms of the family on social networks for everyone to join Review, apply. After deducting all the costs of varieties and raw materials, his family gained profit between 12 and 16 million VND / month. Many young people express fear by the shape of pests and pests. Praise for optical by detailed guidance on how to raise silkworms. Lace sharing how to bring silkworms to dodge no more time as before.Video compares the difference between the old and overalls of engraving Suction 6.1 million views. "I aim to share the content of nature, honestly, have a viewer, I still share. Look back, I feel quite confident because of the past season I still have The revenue is quite good from Tiktok and the opportunity to develop after the translation is very large. But not so I cautiously neglect and creative the viewing contents View ", Khac Quang shared.

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