Unexpected Benefits When Using These Foods Together

Nutrition professionals have given 10 affordable food combinations but also promotes and supplements very good nutrients for human health 9: 00/2: 32 Nouthern countries must not many people Unknown that tomatoes and basil, wine and cheese, golden melon and prosciutto smoked meat, these foods are born for each other. Combining them in meals not only delicious but also helps maximize health benefits. Nutrition experts say that when some foods are used together, they help human body absorb vitamins And minerals are more effective.Bright Side has made a number of studies and compiled a list of perfect food pairs that can provide incredible health benefits. Salad and olive oil (carotenoids and substances Healthy Fat) photo illustration

. Good fat of olive oil helps the body absorb 3 times carotenoids, including lycopene beta-carotene and antioxidant steaks and broccoli (iron and vitamin C) Having in beef will be easier to absorb their body if using them together with other foods rich in vitamin C. Diep and garlic (iron and zinc) the body will absorb many iron and zinc from wild rice If combining extra garlic when cooking. Western and whole grain (vitamin B and C) If using strawberry combination and whole grains, effectively absorb vit Amin B and C will be much better than
In addition, to increase the flavor and not dry when eating, people can add non-fat yogurt into the mixture. Auxiliary and bell peppers (Iron and vitamin C) Bell peppers are more vitamin C than both orange and end Push the process of absorbing iron from plants. So adding bell peppers to tofu dishes will help your body easily absorb iron. Rapers and salmon (vitamin D and good fat) combine abundant vitamin D from cabbage with the cabbage Fatty fish, such as salmon or sardines, help increase the ability to absorb both healthy nutrients. Butter and tomatoes (carotenoids, vitamins A and good fat) The fat in butter makes carotenoids And vitamin A, the main ingredient in tomatoes, becomes a lot stronger. Peanuts and bananas (proteins and carbohydrates) The combination of protein and carbohydrates, namely peanut butter and bananas, helping the body Build and consolidate mechanical tissue after training. So they are especially good for those who need to raise muscles and lose weight, as well as maintain weight. A curry and black pepper (piperine) piperine, the main alkaline from black pepper, enhances many activities Other nutrients and help the body absorb useful substances in curry powder. Green and lemon (anti-oxidation) This is a perfect combination because lemon juice increases the amount of beneficial antioxidants (Catechin) Which body is extracted from green tea. Huong Giang / VietQ

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