Unexpected Habit Caused Yellow Teeth

Besides drinking coffee and dark juices, there are many habits that you don't expect to make your teeth stain without a good knowing instance.02: 00/1: 32 men's familiar family every day Unexpectedly leads to teeth. Graphics: NC. If you are a dedicated swimming athlete and spend more than 6 hours per week in the pool you will notice your teeth accumulate brown. When you go swimming, you can unintentionally to enter Mouth, and all the chemicals in the water pool can cause stains on teeth

. In the chlorine to remove bacteria in the country and it can make your teeth turn yellow or brown and do weakened enamel. Non-true type of mouthwashing mouthwash is said to bring you aromatic breath, but some ingredients in the mouthwash can react with stained compounds in food Can dull the white of your teeth. By that, select the mouthwashes that do not contain chlorhexidine or eucalyptol ingredients and should only rinse your mouth before sleeping
Use not the right type of brush Use a hard brush will not Make your teeth white add - in fact, too strong brushing can wear your teeth. This will make your teeth easy to be deep and susceptible to yellow. Some spices in cooking spices in food will increase different flavors and fragrances for your dishes, but you can Limit some spices if you want to keep white teeth. Some spices have high pigmentation, such as curry can make your teeth stains yellow and lean into a slightly yellow color. Straightly resist pressure, instinctively, we can grit the teeth to relieve stress. When doing so often, we can damage the teeth without knowing it. Besides, gritting a lot of teeth in addition to making you hurt the jaw can also weaken the enamel, causing your teeth to be gold and brittle.

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