Unexpected Turning Point

On September 12, returning from the trip to Iran's Tehran capital, the General Director of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Grossi declared: The agreement between IAEA and Iran on access to equipment Atrophy of Iran's nuclear facilities have created 'space for diplomatic negotiations'. Yet, only 5 days ago, 7-9, IAEA also had to vibrate a warning bell, that their supervisory mission around nuclear development in Iran 'was seriously reduced. : 00/8: 31 Southern domain point is the belief of that pessimistic consideration from the IAEA, last week, with the reason is: "From 23-2-2021, IAEA authentic and supervisory activities Has been seriously reduced when Iran decided to suspend the implementation of the country's nuclear-related commitments, "IAEA clarits.Iran raised the uranium enrichment level to the production of nuclear weapons. It was given in a complicated and confused time, when the General Director Rafael Rossi also showed impotence and he was willing to go to Iran to meet President Ebrahim Raisi, but according to a number of diplomatic news, Iran It seems "Not ready to dialogue" with IAEA

. Meanwhile, since February, Iran has suspended some IAEA inspection activities to react to the US refusing to remove Tehran sanctions. At the same time, Iran is limited to IAEA in accessing monitoring devices such as cameras. And more, until the week of September, diplomatic efforts to restore the historic nuclear agreement Comprehensive general action (JCPOO) signed in 2015, between Iran and P5 1 Group Power (USA, Russia, England, France, China and Germany) fell into a deadlock
Currently, we still don't know the next round of negotiations - the 7th round of negotiations can ever happen, when the keys between Iran with P5 1 still have no direction of removing. IAEA, need to be changed immediately. And when the tanks rang out, the door opened. Iranian President Ebrahi Raisi is a tough leader. Mr. Rafael Grossi came to Iran, so that when he returned to Vienna (Austria) , I have an important agreement. This agreement was signed with the Director of Iranian Atomic Energy Agency (AEOI) Mohammad Eslamami before boarding the plane to leave Tehran. Accordingly, Iran once again "releases a transfer", allowing IAEA elevator to use monitoring equipment installed at Iranian nuclear facilities, while changing data memory. These data will be sealed and stored in Iran and are generally supervised parties. That agreement, as the IAEA general manager said, "Solving the most urgent issue (with Iran) today, Since then will create opportunities for diplomatic efforts, to be able to achieve more covering solutions ", to restore JCPOA
He insisted on the agreement to allow IAEA "can keep the information needed, ensuring continuous capture" about Iran's nuclear program. In addition, Iran agreed to attend the IAEA meeting next week in Vienna. It is expected that the two sides will continue to negotiate on the sidelines of this meeting. Ali Democrat Khameini. In a general statement, Grossi General Manager and Director Mohammad Eslami emphasized "the spirit of cooperation and trust and trust each other ", and noted that, monitoring is a problem that needs to be resolved" in a technical way ". It is obvious that positive moves, flashes flashed from the end of the tunnel and are community International welcomes with a lot of hope. Russia, through permanent representatives at international organizations in Vienna - Mr. Mikhail Ulyanov called on "resuming the earliest possible negotiations on JCPOA recovery". At the same time, the European Union's Enrique Mora nuclear negotiation (EU) also expressed a similar view. The news between the sides seemed to have started to be restored. It is the result of a very remarkable "ice breaking" attempt from both IAEA and Tehran, to promote the dialogue. It is still the benefit of things, whether it is welcomed and appreciated, this breakthrough still remains Just one of the necessary conditions, which cannot be considered enough for the whole big goal. There was still a very long way before his eyes, to be able to talk about the true revival of JCPOA.JCPOA, in fact, has been a strong blow that is almost "death" in 2018, when the total US Donald Trump announced to take the United States to leave this agreement. Every party is involved, as well as the international community, all understands that without the participation of the world's No. 1 power, JCPOA will be reduced the practical value too much compared to when it is joyful Welcome in 2015 - As a milestone shaped a new journey because of peace and stability in the world. Also from this back turn of the White House, the prolonged implications created the current puppet situation. The US President Joe Biden will have to solve the problem with Iran. Currently, replace former Hassan President Rouhani, Iran had a new President with a faster diplomatic way of folding bumper - which was cheering enthusiastically by prime

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