Unexpected Uses Of Skin Care Cosmetics Expired, Don’t Rush To Throw Away

Maybe you will be unexpected to know the expired skin care cosmetics can be reused effectively.00: 00/1: 27 Nam Many people Many sisters when testing "heartbroken" discovered that cosmetics His skin care has expired. But don't rush to throw away because they have many useful effects. Face washing for washing hands is rich in moisture, so when the expiration can be used for hand washing. After washing, you will see the skin of hand not only clean but also moisturizing

. Besides, cleanser also contains a mild detergent so it can be used to effectively wash makeup brushes. If your lotion is about to expire and cannot be used, or it does not degrade immediately after the expiration date, then use as a high moisture cream that helps smooth skin . Makeup remover made of hand nourishing water, the expirable makeup remover can cause hand nourish water, legs or ancient areas to help moisturize and moisturize the skin, help the skin be more soft when touching
toner as a bleach Many types of toners have the effect of making pores mostly mixed alcohol, if expired or do not want to continue to use, it can be used as a detergent to remove stains on the sink, makeup table .Lotion Nail cleaning expiration can be said to have many benefits for nail surface maintenance. After washing your hands, you can use a small piece of cotton to apply nails to the nail within 10-15 minutes, this can help you clean your nails and help nails grow healthy. Moon / According to ettoday

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