Unexpectedly About Messi’s No. 10 Blouse In Barca

Midfielder Philippe Coutinho is likely to be awarded the No. 10 shirt Lionel Messi Leave in Barcelona.0: 00/2: 10 Northern NorthernPpe Coutinho will wear Messi's No. 10 shirt left at Nou Camp? Lionel Messi wears a unit Austria No. 10 in Barcelona in 13 consecutive seasons

. However, this shirt was vacant since he joined Paris Saint-Germain in a shocking World Football Village. Intimate, Philippe Coutinho was wearing a shirt No. 7 and No
14 when moving to Camp Nou from Liverpool in January 2018. Initial moment, Coutinho jacket numbers 14 - The number of shirts once tried to use Johan Cruyff. The Brazilian star then moved the shirt number from 14 to 7, just before the 2018 2019 season began. The 2019/2020 prize, Coutinho was pushed to loan at Bayern Munich. Back after a year, this midfielder lost the No. 7 shirt into Griezmann's hand, and reused the original 14 again. Before this season, Barcelona brought Coutinho to the list of players sold this summer to reduce the cost and salary fund. However, according to Mundo Deportivo, "because he sells no one," Barcelona leadership decided to give Coutinho more opportunities. Even, the Catalan team also intends to give Messi's No. 10 shirt to Give Coutinho again, as a way to encourage and encourage the spiritual midfielder of the Brazilian midfielder
In the context of no excess financial financial to shop, Coach Ronaldo Koeman expressed the expectation of Coutinho to regain the top form High, and can replace Messi to shoulder the middle line. In the winning 4-2 against Real Sociedad in La Liga last weekend, Striker Rey Manaj was filled with names on the bench with Coutinho's old number 14 shirt . Currently, No. 10 is the only shirt left blank in the dressing room of the Camp Nou. Coutinho is considered to be considering the "inheritance" of Messi's shirts. About Coutinho to receive a shirt No. 10, the Marca said: "Barca is currently in the midfielder, after the deal with Georginio Wijnaldum fails in the season This summer. And some people in the leadership Barca said that Coutinho could show his ability in the position Messi left, if given the opportunity. They hope that Coutinho will shine like time Liverpool ".

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