Unexpectedly Close Allies Of Mr. Trump Has Just Been Arrested

Thomas Barrack, a close ally of former US President Donald Trump, recently arrested with allegations of illegal corridors for the UAE. It is known that Mr. Thomas used to work in the US Department of Home Affairs. On July 20, Mr. Thomas Barrack (Photo), a close friend and a close ally of former President Trump, was arrested with an allegation Illegal lobbying for unified Arab Emirates (UAE) and declaration with the US Federal Investigation Department (FBI)

. Photo: Getty. However, Mr. Thomas Barrack rejected allegations
"He is not guilty and will not deny," Thomas spokesman said. Photo: Getty. Thomas Barrack was born on April 28, 1947 in Los Angeles, California, USA. In 1969, he graduated with a Bachelor's degree at the University of South California (USC). Photo: Getty. Then, he studied the Law School of Gould USC and holds a Ph.D. Law of the University Law School to Diego in 1972. Photo: Getty. The first job of Mr
Thomas Barrack is at Herbert's law firm W. Kalmbach - Own Lawyer former US President Richard Nixon (photo). Photo: Wikipedia. In 1982, Mr. Thomas Barack worked for the US Department of Home Affairs in the administration of former President Ronald Reagan (Photo). Photo: Wikipedia. In 1990, Mr. Thomas Barack founded Colony Capital. Photo: Getty. According to Forbes's estimates, Mr. Thomas Barrack's property is about 1 billion USD. Photo: BBC.Oth Thomas Barack used to be the main fundraiser for the Presidential Campaign Donald Trump (photo) in 2016, and chairman of Mr. Trump in 2017. Photo: Reuters. In terms of private life, Mr. Thomas Barack and his wife, Ms. Rachelle Barrack, divorce in 2016. They have 6 children. Photo: Getty. Readers See more Videos in 2020: Mr. Trump's younger brother died (Video source: tap) Thien An

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