Unexpectedly The Salary That Billionaire Elon Musk Received From Tesla Electric Automotive Company In A Year

The world's most famous electric automobile company Tesla has just announced the amount of salaries Elon Musk received in 2020. Always belonging to the top of the world's richest people, so Elon received the 'terrible' salary from Tesla ? 0: 00/2: 03 nam nuoi gide earlier this year, there was a period of time Elon Musk became the richest person in the world. After that, Amazon Jeff Bezos was "reclaimed" the richest position, and the current Elon "only" ranked second. But in 2020 difficult due to the pandemic, many companies have to cut paid salaries Both leadership and staff, and does Tesla are not exceptions? Because the salary of CEO Elon Musk that Tesla paid in the whole 2020 is .

.. 0 dollars.elon is responsible for the workload that few people do it, but salary His in Tesla was also not high, and decreased every year
In 2018, Tesla announced Elon's salary was $ 56,380 (nearly 1.3 billion dong). In 2019, Elon's salary dropped to more than half, $ 23,760 (over 540 million dong). By 2020, it was cut away. Alle Musk at Tesla factory. Photo: YMZ. Is that it because Tesla don't do good, or due to ELON's work efficiency decreases? There was no such thing. Tesla still grows steadily and still reaches goals. But according to Tesla announced: "Actually, we announce salaries, but Elon never accepted. By the middle of 2019, according to Elon requirements, we have completely eliminated his salary
" That's why 2020, Elon has no salary anymore. What does Elon say? Previously, Elon said that every time he bought a Tesla Roadster (sports car), all coins from the car would be used to develop another car. Elon said: "My salary is only a minimum wage," then joking: "Basically, I'm just a volunteer that". The board ranked the richest billionaires in the current world. (Bloomberg screenshot). Of course, no one has to worry about Elon Musk just because he does not pay for Tesla, because he does not lack other sources of income. With total assets, there are 187 billion dollars, Elon has "worked for passion" in a company nothing but so many sources.

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