Unexpectedly With The Image Of The ‘ancient Hole’ Computer 10 Years Ago, Today Looked Cumbersome That Everyone Wished To Own

Today, the design of computers and compact, easy to move over, but this was completely khac.Ngay, along with the development of science and technology, tablet or laptop, smartphone ever become popular. To meet the needs of users, many technology companies also make products smaller, more refined compact. Therefore, the bulky desktop computers, heavy mat.Moi also gradually turn here, a netizen share pictures of the computer including CPU, monitor, keyboard and mouse for a while many people you like yellow

. Points easily recognize is the screen behind the blocks look very bulky and heavy if moved. While today, computer equipment has been improved, the computer screen becomes leaner, mainly type screen only no sau.Mac part though, is so old, cumbersome is but this is so true masterpieces and dreams of many people
By 8-10 years ago, the value of a computer is very expensive to own it is not easy and usually only dare family conditions mua.Nhin this picture, netizens on a nostalgic memory time computer users. And remembers fondly the first time be exposed to the equipment and technology, everything is strange. "I still remember that with the computer are both proud to preserve done, to touch computer is also very like. even my dad bought cloth whenever deprecated cover the engine computer that "a netizen luan.Mot others said:" 10 years ago to buy a computer crash because the price to more than ten million, absolutely not cheap, now 5-6 million also had a computer and then ".AM

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