Unexpectedly Young Beauty Of Thu Que Nsnd At Age 52

Looking to the image of the girl on a girl at the dairy farm, no one thinks Thu Que's NSND has turned the age of 52. On the individual page, Thu Que's Personal NSND posted the image of the girl's body in the dairy farm Many people were surprised because they were too young. Many audiences commenting on NSND Thu Que are difficult to compare at the age of 52.Sao Viet today 8/10: Artists Van Dung are increasingly beautiful. Husband Khanh Thi - Phan Hien hugging each other but not forgot to wear Trang out to the street

.Lisa is a copy of the mother of Ho Ngoc Ha. "Heard that wanting to flirt with the British, I have to line up, I would like to surrender," said actor Quynh Kool 'to drop hearing. Healthy
BTV Thu Ha VTV a dreamy skirt dream of taking a picture on the roof. Than Khanh wears a beautiful white shirt jeans walking in the street to celebrate the birthday. Short hair made of the princess of Hien Ho in showbiz Vietnam. Oanh posted a happy photo of selfie and Thu Minh, Doan Trang. "Not much. We greet you China - so", Spring North Artist Dang Huh h predicted Vietnam - China. "Remember anyone in front of the porch", Hoang Dung posted a "hearing drop" picture. According to the Netherlands / VietnamNet

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