Unicef: One Billion Children Are Threatened By Climate Change

According to UNICEF report, nearly half of the world's 2.2 billion children are under threatened due to the impact of climate crisis and environmental pollution 09: 00/1: 44 male latest report UNICEF said almost every child in the world is at risk of being affected by at least one of the environmental disasters, including hot, flooding, storms, epidemics, droughts and pollution Gas attention, more than 1 billion children live in 33 countries facing 3-4 impacts at the same time. Countries include India, Nigeria, the Philippines, and most of the sub-Saharan Africa. The report shows that 920 million children are exposed to a lot of water scarcity, 820 million children live in harsh hot scenes and 600 million children with malaria infections and dengue fever, the situation is likely to become worse when climate change becomes suitable for mosquitoes and germs spread. Henrietta Fore - Director Executive UNICEF, said: "This report has given a panorama of position and how children vulnerable to climate change, and that picture is almost catastrophic

. Almost every child's life will be affected. "" Children are particularly vulnerable to climate threats, "Fore said. "Compared to adults, children need more food and water on a body weight unit and are less likely to survive than more harsh weather phenomena
" UNICEF report calls for participation Of young people in all climate negotiations and discussions, including the United Nations COP26 Summit in Glasgow in November. "Decisions will determine their future. Children and young people who need to be recognized are the legal heirs of this planet that we all share, "Ms. Fore points out. Battery the Guardian

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