Unique 4 Wang Basilica In Vietnam

Saigon's Notre Dame Cathedral is being greatly large, but few knows that this is one of the 4 biblicans in Vietnam. So what is the Holy Basilica? In Vietnam, are the Cathedral of Holy Basilices? 0: 00/4: South of the South, Non-Cathedral is the Cathedral of the Holy Cathedral for more than 2 years ago (April 15, 20219), the German Church Ms. Paris - symbol of the last 850 years of French people, as well as catholic people around the world unexpectedly caught fire. The big fire caused the whole Dome of Church of Notre Dame. Paris was burned down causing many unexpected people, severe shock

. Because, this is not just a historical cathedral, which is also a bioto base. After this event, the term of the Basilica is known more than many Vietnamese people instead of just Catholics. And the term bilanocytes are also learned by many people, the cathedral of the cathedral is also visited by many tourists and enthusiasts in cultural, architectural, religious and religious enthusiasts
Incomplete statistics of the Vietnam Catholic Church, in Vietnam now have more than 6,000 Catholic worship facilities (churches, monasteries, seminary ...), including 5,456 churches. And among nearly 5,500 teachers, only 4 churches are called the Basilica (shaped and recognized). The Basilica of Saigon. Photo: Nguyen Phan Khiem Reality, the Basilica is a special honor of the Pope (Renal in the Vatican) for some churches or holy locations: ancient, importance In history, or spiritual value for the Roman Catholic Church. Therefore, the majority of the Basilica is the Cathedral, but it is not any Cathedral of the Cathedral. The Architectural Basilica, most of the bilanocytes are often carrying a cross ( Symbolizing Jesus) forming three main spaces: lobby, livelihood and sacrifices. Inside the Basilica of the Cathedral of remains of martyrs, the Saints, important characters or Catholic art works with a large value
Currently, the Catholic Church divided into two types of Vuong Bow The cathedral is: Major Basilica (Major Basilica) - The Brand for the Famous Cathedral of the Pope coating with the Cathedral of St. John Lateran (is a Cathedral). While the Basilica of St. Peter (is also a church), the Basic Basilica (is a temple) and the Basilica Basilica suburbs (is a holy area). John Lateran has the title of "Leader of the Basilica" (Latin: Archibasilica), the top-level church of the Church and is considered the mother church of all churches worldwide. MINOR Basilica (Minor Basilica): The title for any other cathedral or sanctuary in Rome or all over the world, given by the Pope. When a church has been raised The title of the Basilica is given by the Holy See to the Pope's two symbols: one is a bell (Tintinnabulum) used to report when the Pope or Pope on behalf of the Pope comes, the two are silk with two yellow, red (conopaeum) used to cover the pope. Vietnam only has 4 bilanocytes in Vietnam, according to the Vietnam Catholic Church, only 4 biblicans include: Wang Basilica ; Wang Basilica Non-infectious Lady Phu Nhai; Wang Basilica La Vang and King Basilica Saigon. Considering by geographic region, the North has 2, Central Vietnam has 1 and the South has 1. Unique 4 Wang Basilicians in Vietnam and the Cathedral of the Department or Church of the Department, located in Khe Town , Thanh Liem district, Ha Nam province. Photo: Duc Hai Director is the Basilica of the Department of Conditions or Cathedral, located in Thi Tran Town, Thanh Liem District, Ha Nam Province. This is a new bilasses of the charm in 2010 and is also the "youngest biblical biological supply in Vietnam in Vietnam. Meanwhile, the Basilica Basilica is infected with Phu Nhai's main church. This church belongs to Bui Chu diocese, Xuan Phuong commune, Xuan Truong district, Nam Dinh. The diocese of Bui Chu and the diocese of Phat Diem is also the two dioceses with the oldest life in Vietnam. Third is the Basilica La Vang, or La Vang Church located in Hai Phu commune, Hai Lang district, province Quang Tri. The church was awarded as the Basilica of 1961. It is also being greatly repaired by overhaul and the pilgrimage of many Catholic followers annually when returning to the Holy Land. Finally, the Basic Basilica Saigon, also known as the Church of Ms. Saigon. This is also the fourth Basilica of the country currently being repaired large-scale from the end of 2019.Vermarkling

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