Unique Creative Thanks To Frozen Painting On Moon Cake

Colorful artworks have been recreated on the traditional moon cake to create uniqueness and novelty for buyers. Mid-Autumn Festival is an indispensable part on the moon tray in the Mid-Autumn Festival. Besides the traditional cake type, many "variations" moon cakes become unique versions from the shape to the taste or also known as Handmad cake. Last time, people in Hanoi are quite interested in cake Mid-Autumn Festival was put on a new shirt. According to find out, the author of these unique products is Nguyen Thuy Duong (26 years old in Dong Da District, Hanoi) with reporters, Thuy Duong said he was a bank employee but There is a special passion for making cakes

. This special love nhen groups from the years is still a student. Especially, during the break at home, Thuy Duong has made a moon cake with a shell with hand paintings on green beans. Later she tried harder types of decorations like a folk painting like Dong Ho or the paintings clearly showing Vietnamese cultural identity
On the market, there were types of cakes, flexible cakes with stamping patterns quite boring. Taking advantage of a little gifted with drawing, I tried painting on a moon cake this year "- Thuy Duong shared. It is known, to be able to create a unique moon cake, Thuy Duong used 1 The complete baked cake will then cover a layer of beans outside the cake and start on the "new shirt" stage for the cake. The cakes are "wearing a new shirt" with full color and other images To create a unique beauty. The false uses food color to draw up cakes, these are the types of colors allowed to be used to ensure safety for user health. Also according to Thuy Duong shared, to have Being a beautiful work, ask people to do people who need to have standard color phase as well as master the pen for the cake to get scratched. The time to complete a simple cake will take about 5 to 10 minutes, but yes Products that require custody and complexity can also take a whole hour. Each cake has a weight of about 150 g, the familiar multiplier like a cross, green beans, lotus seeds or worries Time of jam. Leaving the time to take advantage of unique cakes to serve customers' needs, Thuy Duong also opened classrooms online during social interrogation with many different hours for everyone Exchange, learning to make cakes. Decorative details on the cake face are like a miniature artwork, requiring creators to be skillful and meticulous
The product is recreated in Dong Ho folk paintings, paintings of Mai Trung Painter, or floral patterns on the traditional baked cake.

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