Unique ‘dancing’ Trees In Indonesia

Indonesia's remote Sumba island attracts tourists by many great things, one of which is the mangrove forest with trees' dancing'.0: 00/2: 16 nam nuoc nuoc quiet water, full beach White Cat is what you can find in Walakiri Beach, one of the top attractions on Sumbba Island (Indonesia). But these characteristics can be found in many other places. And that is not the main reason why people rush to this small tropical paradise. The attraction of visitors everywhere to find Walakiri is dozens of mangrove trees with a unique shape spread along the beaches Local call them "dancing tree"

. The reason why it is because the trunks are shaped, warped as if swaying in the sun when the sunset falls down. According to scientists, species grow Mangrove or around covered by water often have a fairly bizarre shape, do not follow any rule. The reason is that the water surface reflects the sunlight in many different angles, causing the plant to grow uneven
The botanical houses call it the phenomenon of trees "optical direction" due to hormones. Auxin plants and they will develop towards light right from the beginning of their lifecycle. In addition, the ecological environment of mangroves is to transition between sea and land. Therefore the existence is allocated, how to develop and constitute species of mangroves affected by many factors such as climate, hydrology, salinity, wallpaper ... but so far have yet Price or affirmation of importance, as well as their influence on the development of trees. Very many professional and amateur photographers from all over the world came to Walakiri in the hope of capturing a picture Perfect photos of "dancing" trees. Beautiful natural scenery appears in the photos that make viewers easily understand the reason. The way they glide gently in the sun at sunset if they look from an appropriate corner, it will be almost like the shadow who is dancing in an extremely attractive way
"The dancing trees on Sumbba Island brought the source Endless composition. I hope local people will protect this place or create a protected area, national park, "Daniel Kordan, wild nature photographer said. Like mangrove forests Other, trees "dancing" has the effect of reducing erosion and protecting soil in coastal areas before the effect of waves. In addition, they also help filter out ruins, sediments and pollution out of the ocean and rivers, thereby filtering water for the surrounding ecological systems.Minh Hoa (T / H)

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