Unique Idea Cake Shop In The Car

A 24-year-old girl from Manchester (England) has start-up with his passion for making cakes. The service of her unique in the service of the customer 'car' of the customer <: 00/2: 05 namikraa riaz and the form of business serving pastry in a unique car. Photo: Mercury Pressikraa Riaz, 24, from Manchester (England), love to make cakes from 10 years old. That passion has never come in her until now. During the university time, Ikraa always made a cake when she had free time

. After graduation, she spent the entire time and enthusiasm for this interests and passion. The idea of the favorite cakes that Ikraa could do and uniquely about serving customers right in Their car, Ikraa's service is on the momentum and attracts a lot of guests from everywhere. The project only comes into operation from last week but many people from everywhere know about service This unique
"Customers drive hundreds of miles from all over the country to come and try our dishes. Many of them come from Cumbria and London (British)", Ikraa shares. And the unique car drinks of Ikraa. Photo: Mercury Pres from a young age, Ikraa has loved to make baked cakes or macaros for the family. She also cherished to own a small cafe, serving drinking water, serving pastries. With the spirit of daring to do it, Ikraa is now able to make a living with my passion and dreams.Start-up of Ikraa is called "Your Girl Can Bake" (your girl can bake) Head with creatures for pastries she performed and posted them on Instagram Social Network. Now, Ikraa and 2 other family members have taken a step by serving direct cakes for customers. Customers just need to set the schedule before and then drive it. When they arrived, they will receive desserts for "car"
With this form of service, customers can enjoy sweet cakes, snacks on their own cars.ikraa share: "Sometimes sitting in the car and enjoying bringing more private space because of not There are other customers around as when at the restaurant ".ikraa even designed a desk dedicated to this type of service, helping to display food in the car and guests can enjoy more convenience. Each table has 10 cakes. If there are 5 people in the car, she can still arrange for each person to enjoy 4 dishes.: Metro.co.ukPhuong Thanh (Translation)

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