Unique With Machine Machine Transformer, Wine Into Fresh Ice Cream

According to the inventor, although Below Zero changes the texture of beer, cocktails, even strong alcohol and turns them into ice cream, but that doesn't affect the concentration of alcohol in ice cream. Alcoholic drinks into ice cream. (Source: TheFlighter.com) "Say" cream used to be a dream of many people and now, thanks to Will Rogers, the inventor and owner of WDS Dessert Stations in Hinkley, Illinois, USA, that was Becoming a reality.Rogers, who runs their own ice cream shops, trying to create an espresso flavor cream with a high caffeine content that realizes that they can use this technique with alcoholic beverages

. He began experimenting with different types of gums and stabilizers often used in the ice cream industry. Finally he was granted a substance called a substance called Nea.gel NEA gel to allow the winter to the same as the same cream in the machine called Below Zero
Will Rogers sharing: "How to operate This machine is a self-turning gel into ice cream. Although Below Zero changes the texture of beer, cocktails and even strong alcohol, basically turning them into ice cream, but that doesn't affect alcohol levels. Therefore, you can be drunk if you use too much, like when drinking too much alcohol. "The inventor Will Rogers. (Source: GoodNewsNetwork.org) Will Rogers said the device will take about 30 minutes to beer Switch from liquid form to ice cream, but drinks with higher alcohol content will take longer. Basically, the higher the alcohol, the longer the waiting time. The American inventor has advertised the machine My unique ice cream by serving ice cream ice cream at dining events. Each of this ice cream machine will be sold for about 6,000 USD (about 138 million VND). The current Below Zero ice cream machine has now Receive certificate of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Minh Phuong (Vietnam)

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