United Most Uncle Is Clinging To Fans, Installing Car Tracking Equipment To Sell Schedules

Two 'fans' of the singer, the most actor Vuong Uncle was arrested by the police after boasting on the social network on the installation of positioning on the artist male artist.Hai who was said to be "fans" The King of the most unauthorized installation device tracks on South singer's car to "follow" him around Beijing. These two also sold the actor's schedule information to other "crazy fans" and showed off their "war" on social networking. According to Global Times's report, this action of both was one Other fans of the United King of the most reported police and were arrested immediately. On Weibo, Netizen simultaneously resented the incentive information, asking police with strong handling measures to prevent behaviors

. Infringing the artist of fans "excessive": "This is not what fans should do with their Idol. This is definitely a criminal acts and needs to be handled by the police." Another Netizen shared: "These people are the tails, not the most true fans of the United Kingdom
I think they want to make a profit from selling his personal information more than simply supporting." The first time the actor was the goal of "tailing". In May last year, the King of the most posted criticism "crazy fans" after being harassed, and condemning a celebrity's cultivation in China. "For a long time, I had to meet a lot Strangers knock on the hotel room door. Some people also place positioning on my car. Wherever I go with followers. " - Vuong Nhat Uncle shared on the personal page. The managing company of the United Kingdom will also post a warning at the time: "Please don't watch our car, chase the car or intentionally on the same plane. Do not gather and attack our artists in public places such as airports, hotels and rotation sites. Do not sell information such as schedules, locations and honeycomes from the film "
The most famous Uncle As a member of the South China Men's group member, before entering a solo singer and encroaching on the exciting path. United most Uncle impress the public through dramas such as ceiling commands, hazards, and children to the top of the world ... Van AnhTheo SCMP

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