Unknown Ancient Tombstone And Interpretations Of Origin: Lesson 1 – Explore The Beach Between The Forest

Thousands of the mysterious ancient tombs, many cold-life are not smoked at the foot of the Pu Mé mountain range, in Ngoc Phung commune, Thuong Xuan district. The burial method is completely different from the custom of the local Muong people today, which has no specific research project to determine the date and giving the orthodox conclusion about the owner of the graves ... 0 : 00/3: 56 Southern village in the flow forest of the people of Quyet Tien village, Ngoc Phung commune is said to be the Military Lam Son

. Photo: P.V to help us explore the ancient tomb with many mysteries, Leaders of Ngoc Phung commune called Mr. Le Duc Tien, a local resident
In recent years, Mr. Tien is a person who has a lot of concerns, standing out to protect this dazzling grave. Located not far from the inter-commune plastic route, the mysterious ancient grave area is located in the flow and growing forests of some households in Quyet Tien village, Ngoc Phung commune. Becoming the production forest land, the forest owner has a hemp wire sealed to prevent buffaloes from destroying crops. At the age of 71, Mr. Tien was still muscular, who was first took us to find a path to move deep into the tomb. The stones marked the graves gradually showed that there was a place to lift the shrub clearly, but in the forests, the stones were quite thick on the area of hundreds of square meters like giants. A grave was marked with a burial slab standing at the top and at the end of about 2.5m away. The slab in the grave head is usually wide and bigger than the plate at the end
This is a natural stone that is ghosted in fibrosis, still a lot of traces of rudimentary processing tools. Large stones are about 10 to 20cm thick, but most are small blades, only about 5cm thick. The grave with the largest stone is belonging to the Glue Forest of Mr. Dao Van Dung's family, located only tens of meters from the inter-commune road. The stone plates were tall with adult breasts, about 1m wide and about 20cm wide, was buried quite firmly. Mr. Tien and Ms. Le Thi An, Cultural Officer Ngoc Phung - People together with us Affirmation: Local is mainly land hills, in rocky mountains, there are no rocks. However, on the other side of the negative river, only about 2km from this tomb of flying birds, the mountain range of books in the village of the village, Phung Minh commune, Ngoc Lo district was made up of this rock. The ancient people hypothesize and exploit the stones from Ngoc Lac district, with outdated transportation, how can they put heavy stones through the river? It was still the question left for the post-world.Han 1 hour discovered here, in addition to a few hours of cries and wind blowing vi vu, the pure beach is not a person. Near the middle of the sun, but the layer of um trees creates the universal space to ... cold. The more you go into the forest, we cannot count the number of tombs because too much, quite messy. "When we were young, this area was much dense, there were many big trees, feared. If I go to the buffalo, I have to invite you to go together. Growing up labor and sticking, we count there are all over 1,000 tombs. However, decades ago, the fractured stones, exploited to cook lime for sugarcane or manicure so many graves no longer have traces, they still count about a few hundred graves "- Mr. Tien said. The issue is worth mentioning that, the local Muong people are not the descendants of those who have been buried in this ancient grave area. Many people affirmed that the burial type was "locked" and ended the tomb with non-customary stones of the people here. According to Mr. Tien, Muong village village is now derived from Muong Bi in Hoa Binh province to migrate here a few hundred years ago. Many years now, seniors gave their mouths back to the following lives, when they arrived in the village, saw this ancient grave, nor saw anyone with smoke. Some information from Ngoc Phung commune also transmitted, when migrating from Hoa Binh here, Muong people in Progress only had 16 households and developed to the village and village today, so far they could not have many people. Dead such. According to Le Thi An Cultural Officer, in previous years, the Culture - Information Department of District and Ngoc Phung commune conducted measurement, determining the grave distribution on a total area of 1 ha. Local people want to be researched by scientists, determination of the dates, origin of graves to make the most accurate and main conclusions. Because 2: Some explains about owners and dates. Le Dong

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