Unprecedented Moon Cake Season In Hanoi

The epidemic situation causes moon cake facilities to meet its own difficulties. However, all are trying to bring the best cakes to the diners. According to reporters, traditional facilities have a common difficulty in accessing technology and business forms New style on e-commerce floor. Not they do not want to do many years and user habits that make these facilities difficult to change. Oanh, owner of Vinh Thanh cake base in wooden bridge, said the most people who buy familiar words long

. Every year, they only come to buy themselves but rarely call directly orders. On the other hand, traditional facilities have difficulty human resources. Every year, they often hire more outsiders from the provinces on Mid-Autumn Festival
However, this year, due to limited orders, these facilities can only use the available manpower. Since the basis of Vinh Thanh also does not actively create sales and advertising pages online. In addition, the traditional psychology of diners also does not allow them to convert. Share with Zing, the facility owner said to sell cakes with a new type but item. Most buyers only like "traditional food, buy traditional style". A famous traditional cake shop holder shared: "The strengths of traditional rows are taste in the old days, not technology. Industry Traditional moon cake making can not produce large quantities in the year as well as exporter. Days often, store only crushing. Each Mid-Autumn Festival is East, so it is difficult to invest in investment opportunities to develop networks and advertisements " . Thinking people when buying traditional moon cakes is buying
When creating a sales page on e-commerce floor, many people are also suspected or, do not know if there are owners? In addition to traditional facilities, many people also choose moon cakes from luxury hotels with Chi Chi Higher fee. The strength of this cake is a taste that catches up the trend, luxury designs. Although there is a more advantage of using technology, 5-star hotels are not outside the difficulty of pandemic.Anthony Slewka - Sofitel Sofitel Legend Metropole HANOI Sales and Communications Manager - said the amount of cake This year is also greatly affected by the way of stretching the way. "We use the source of natural materials, no preservatives and gear prices are also in the high-end segment. Therefore, the hotel cannot provide those Large orders hundreds of boxes like in the market, except for special orders have been connected early. Mid-Autumn MetroPole cakes only to get 5-7 days in room temperature without keeping in the refrigerator, "he said This time, the price for selection of 4-wheel and 6-wheel boxes of the hotel increased slightly compared to last year. Customers can also choose between 2 special versions with pop-up design hotel front , to celebrate 120 years of establishment. 50 other special boxes use lacquer material for more than 6 million VND / box, there are 6 traditional cake flavors with a lotus tea box and a special anniversary cake. "All process preparation, delivery The hotel complies with sanitary regulations, strict translation prevention. Therefore, customers can be assured of using ", representatives of the hotel said. Hotels like Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi More advantages thanks to the hotline line as well as online booking. Therefore, customers are not necessarily to take place to buy goods. Point Thang - Anh Tu

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