Upcoming Business Incubation Programs To Create Online Social Impacts

Enterprise incubation program of startup this year - Pursuing Purpose 2021 will be coordinated by the Seed Planter with the Canadian Embassy in Vietnam in the form of online in September. The 3rd Pursuing Purpose 2021 program Topic "Continues with you for a sustainable future". The businesses registered to participate will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and relationships to develop a modeling business model My dynamic as has 5 months of training training. Mesh over 100 advisers and experts in many areas are also gathered to support, advise the start-up during the business model verification process, Bringing products to the market. In addition, businesses that create social impacts on PurSuing Purpose 2021 will also have the opportunity to receive financial support amounted to 100 million dong

. Program organizers, to be Participating in the program, businesses are dealing with a particular social and environmental issue through the business model It is necessary to have a team of at least 2 members. The enterprise must also have products or have a test sample product as well as a commitment to bringing products to the market within the next year. The staff of the fire bottle (red shirt ) Working at food recycling recycling programs in Ho Chi Minh City (Artwork)
QUA 2 Season Organization, Pursuing Purpose has 2 more than 20 knowledge sharing professionals, experience to help 12 businesses play Fitting products suitable and shaping the optimal business model, typical can mention the Fire bottle, Tue Vien, Pando, ... start the idea 8 years ago but with little experience, Nguyen Van Tien, founder and executive director of the Flammen bottle project took a long time to find the business model. After a time to make a mistake, trapped the management skills, joint construction skills Industry and Van Tien have expanded connecting to professionals to find advice and accidentally participate in Pursuing Purpose program. From the straightforward comments of advisors and founders This has begun to improve the plan to build brands, recruitment and training as well as communication to expand business activities. After officially registering brands, Ve Bottle Uncle Hoa has cooperated with a series of injured Branded like 7Eleven, Vinmart, Texas Chicken as well as households, businesses, hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City, aiming for environmentally friendly waste treatment solutions on a larger range. Dynamic with 3 main purposes include changing habits - acts of sorting garbage at the source for people, changing the traditional scrap business model in big cities and supporting groups of weak people in society. pink

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