Us Deployed Iron Arch Air Defense To Guam Island

The US military announced that one of the Iron Dome systems (Iron Dome) of the country is being implemented to the Andersen Air Force Base in Guam.0 Island: 00/2: 52 South Southern Datam Daily Post to report The US team on October 7 announced that one of the Iron Dome systems (Iron Dome) of the Army is being deployed to Andersen Air Force Base in Guam Island. The US team also announced the need for the need Serving the implementation of this system came to Guam, but did not reveal the number of soldiers. Photo: Shutterstock deployment is expected to take place from mid-October to mid-December, the US military said. The implementation will be carried out in many locations and equipment that can be seen in Port Apra, Base Blaz Marines and Andersen Bases

. "This test deployment is a great opportunity to test the capacity of the defense system on the battlefield, evaluating the operation of iron arches with systems Existing and identifying future operations "- General General Benjamin Nicholson said." The ability to defend strong missile will significantly improve the defense posture and protect people and assets Our weighted in the area "- Mr. Nicholson added
According to the US military, Guam officials and the leadership of the Army is based in Guam working with the Non-Division and Rocket No. 94 and the Brigade Artillery Aircraft 38 to support the deployment of iron arch combinations at Andersen Air Force Base. Guam - Mr. Lou Leon Guerrero expressed Support for the Iron Arch Deployment on the island. "I fully supported the deployment of iron arch system to Guam. The addition of missile defense capacity in this area will enhance national security through increasing a protective layer for the last rocket defense system (Thaad) "- Mr. Guerrero said . "Permanent missile defense capacity will be the continuation of local investments to ensure a safer Guam Island, with the cooperation of the Ministry of Defense" - Mr. Guerrero added. According to Guam Daily Post, the deployment moves take place after North Korea resumes recent missile tests
"At the time of the Indian Ocean-Pacific region freely and openly with global importance, a Guam Safety and prosperity for residents here are also important as a Guam with our Defense Ministry partners, "Governor said. In the process of deployment, Guam residents may see the current The face of the military means on the island's routes in the coming weeks. In addition, soldiers and equipment from Fort Bliss base, Texas will also participate in the implementation Hey. Iron arches are purchased by the US military by US military from 2019. In 2020, Raytheon Defense Group is based in the US cooperates with Israeli Rafael Systems Defense Technology to produce interceptor missiles Iron arches and launchers at a modern base in the US. Iron Iroms can repel threats that are pluning with Rocket, short-line navigation missiles, unmanned aircraft as well as missiles Journey. According to a researcher at the Israeli National Security Research Institute, the price of each iron arch missiles is 40,000 USD - $ 50,000. The system is designed to operate effectively in all types of weather.

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