Us Injections Of Vaccine Covid-19 Added In September

The US President Biden government plans to start vaccination of Covid-19 repeatedly for the earliest people in the middle or at the end of September, after FDA approved instance.02: 00/1: 39 Nouthern region of Reuters Knowing, medical officials in the government of US President Joe Biden share the same view that most people should repeat the Covid-19 vaccine 8 months after completing the original immunization regimen. America. (Photo: Reuters) According to New York Times, officials plan to announce the earliest decision this week. The first additional injections can be for people in the nursing home and health care workers, followed by other elders

. Finally, American management agencies have allowed the third vaccine inject. of Pfizer and Moderna for those with weak immune systems, who are weaker to protect against viruses if only two doses are injected with two doses. New York Times, Johnson vaccines

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