Us Safety Investigation For Autopilot Self-driving System On Tesla Vehicles

The US National Road Traffic Safety Department (NHTSA) officially opened an investigation of a safety assessment for the Autopilot self-driving system of Tesla.0: 00/1: 26Nam in the South American investigation Autopilot self-driving system on Tesla cars. In a recent broadcast announcement, the US National Road Traffic Safety Department (NHTSA) said that since January 2018, this agency has identified 11 cases Accidents, in which Tesla models have crashed into other vehicles when meeting lights, sea reflective directions or dangerous warnings. In the period from 2014-2021, NHTSA opened a preliminary assessment About TESLA's Autopilot system equipped on models Model Y, X, S and Model3. According to the initial survey results, the means of accidents are concerned and confirmed with the use of autopilot system or calculator Active journey control during the collision preparation process

. NHTSA investigation will target about 765,000 Tesla cars in the US. The agency will evaluate the technologies and methods used to monitor, support and ensure the participation of the driver during the Autopilot system to operate. Automatic driving support system is technology Modern is being integrated by many automobile manufacturers in the world for its products as an outstanding strength to attract customers
In fact, many people still misunderstand about Tesla's Autopilot system, when Given that it is an automatic steering system. However, this is only a semi-automatic driving support system. On the company's website, Tesla insists that Autopilot still needs the driver's proactive supervision and does not help cars become self-driving.

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